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Thread: Linux on G55VW

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    Linux on G55VW

    Hi everybody!
    Really, I'm new on this Forum, hope my thread were in the right place...
    I'm a Linux fan, but I'm a gamer too, I want to know if there is any way to install a Linux Distro (like Fedora or Sabayon -love them-), and don't fail. Is there any HowTo about this? If there is, may I help to improve Linux on this model? I want to play Windows games (because, I admit it, games for Windows are cool), but I am a developer too, and hope there is any way to play games under a VM (I don't want a dual boot) with full compatibility (I use VMWare and they have good improvements on graphics and performance).
    Hope somebody could help with this and the Linux ROG community will grow (I've seen the ROG Linux group).

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