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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNerdBench View Post
    Keep us posted on your progress too GOR52.
    My problem is solved. When I removed the pump unit of my H100i, the cpu came attached to
    While testing the correct placement of the cpu on the Formula-Z, I never installed the cpu properly, by lifting the socket lever, and installed the the H100i pump unit straight away.
    Short story, I was lucky not to bent or break any pins of the cpu.
    Glad everything in running in order now.

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    Thanks GOR52!

    It is not uncommon for the CPU to come out attached to the heatsink...I always like to twist the heat-sink before pulling it off in order to "break" the "connection" between the CPU and the heatsink via the thermal compound.

    Glad the system is up and going (and that we have a "fix" for the problem listed)!

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    Running the system for a few minutes to "warm up" your thermal paste can help the heat sink or cooling block come off easier from the CPU with the twist mentioned by TheNerdBench.
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