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    im not super familiar with the newer models WD has done with the black, red and such but green is clearly an energy saving HDD so just form that id figure a few ns or nanoseconds slower but that shouldnt really be to big a deal, how long of boots are we talking, 1 minute to 1 1/2 minutes id say probly not an issue, if its alot longer something may be up

    but as i was saying erlier and as drop4205 said above if you want like 10-15 second boot times youll need an ssd

    how i was saying earlier sata 3 faster then sata 2, sata 2 faster then sata 1 or plain sata
    well ssd's are like 2x faster then sata 3, if you got 2 ssd's in raid its even faster but the fastest raid 0 is known to be unstable so if you go that root make sure backups are done regularly

    other then that id say most of your questions have been dealt with, its just down to your boot times that your unhappy with to sort but as far as really fast times youd have to decide whether youd like to get an ssd or not, if you do get one you can still use your HDD you have now, that will just become storage/ and backup of said ssd

    meaning youd have an ssd with only your os, in this case windows 7 and all the drivers and all that on the ssd, everything else would be put onto the HDD including a partition or area where you make the backup of the ssd to

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    Yeah, thanks almost all of the problems i hade are fixed now but I still have the mouse problem. It's weird it used to work flawlessly with my old computer, but has the aforementioned problems. when i searched for the drivers for the mouse i hade too look for the model and the support page stated that it wasn't supported with win 7, but i'am using the same windows as before. I dont really know what to do but i'll figure it out.

    Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it.

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