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    Guys, I found a way to fix my mouse corruption in Starcraft 2 with my G73JH.

    I've tried many ways, updated ATI drivers, even upto the newest 10.10, updating BIOS, turned off mouse shadow, updated DirectX, set DPI to 100%... etc. They didn't fix my problem. However, thanks for those suggested solutions.

    And there is a solution it fixed my problem, before I had low screen resolution in SC2, after I change the game setting to high resolution, it fixed! Guys if you have mouse corruption, go to try it out.

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    Wow. Im having some issues with my G73 myself but I can say that SC2 is not one of them. I run the game with everything turned up all the way in a window on a seperate monter while browsing the web... Not a single issue there. No lag no nothin. Wish I could help you with you that.

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    Same here. Not one issue.

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    Did you solve the problem with the lag and stuff? I know this post is old... its just that i recently got the problem my self... I was completly shocked to see lag on this thing.

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    I played through the whole game with everything on MAX on the G73JH. Can't remember what anti-aliasing setting I had on it if I can remember if there was one it was 2X.

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    This problem call GSOD (Green Screen Of Death) when you install another and new driver and game crash.

    Older driver ATI dont load the game and new driver crash the game.

    I have ATI 5870M (same problem).

    The name of videoBoard was wrong and need be rewrite.

    Try -->
    our ROG Forum -->

    i hope thats help you.

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