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    Question Intentional or not?

    Hello my fellow Roger's

    I was shopping around for a new build based around the Rampage IV Black Edition and I came upon something that fascinated me in more ways than one.

    I looked at the layout of the 4 X16/8 PCIE express slots found that the PCIE X2 slots were so close to the X16/8 slots that I couldn't for example have both Quad SLI GTX Titan Black and a dedicated sound card and nic.

    I found this irratating as the motherboard has the PCIE x2 slots for those on the board but because the X16 slots are so close to the x2 slots the GPU's render them inaccessible.

    How can you pay for something that can't be used? I'm not complaining I'm just wondering if later boards will fix this or if this is intentional and will not remedied in future iteration of either the Rampage series or Maximus Series motherboards.

    another small nit pick is how are you going to use the ROG RAIDR on a quad SLI/Xfire ROG motherboard, I know its not targeting guys like me that want to squeeze every last drop of power out of it.

    I just want to start a discussion regarding this.

    Anyway discuss!

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    If you had water cooled video cards would that not let you use more pci slots? you need to put on some custom waterblocks for a build like that but that means rads, pump, res, blocks, fittings, tubing. i would go two way sli and a raid card with whatever ssds not the raidr. Even though the black edition has special on board audio i cant use active speakers with it. the amps pick up alot of noise. i have them hooked up on there own isolated power so i know where its comming from. i had to get an external usb audio interface for clean audio. so, external audio is a great option in my opinion. you dont need anything but the ports for your sound system. all of these features on sound cards today are trashy in my opinion its all about how clean it sounds you dont need reverb on everything or an EQ running inside the sound drivers. just something thats going to be clean. you should also get a rack mounted furman 15 or 20 amp power conditioner...power surges can happen anytime and ive been failed by other kinds of hardware but the furman anit no joke.
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    Those slots are shared with the other slots, so even if you water cooled the system you cannot do 4 way SLI on any Rampage board and also use a PCIE sound card.

    The boards that can do this are few and far between.
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    Why would they design it that way, i dont understand. you got 40 lanes right? why cant you set sli up in a way that leaves 4 or 8 un-used if you needed to. whats the point of the 2x slot? why not just have the 4 x16 and have people plug the x2 cards into one of them if they cant run quad sli with it anyway?

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    There is actually a very good reason behind it. Not everyone is going to use four double slot graphic cards on this board. The board is meant to fit as many builds as possible.

    If you use just two cards for example, you get full x16 bandwith with both, while still having at least one open ended x1 slot. And if you need more bandwidth, for example a PCIe SSD, or more slots, you can use the other x16 slots. Even if that means they will drop to x8, they are still PCIe 3.0 slots, and a PCIe 3.0 x8 is a bit faster then a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot.

    Current graphics cards will not suffer very much when installed in a PCIe 3.0 x8 slot.

    It is more a problem of the ATX specification. If you want your board to fit most PC cases out there, you need to stick to the ATX 7 slot specification. And if you want your board to be 4x SLI compliant, you need to have all your x16 (x8) slots with at least 1 extra slot apart, since most consumer grade graphics cards are dual slot.

    As for your problems with the sound, there shouldn't be any audible parasites on the line out, if there are, then you might want to consider testing with another PSU, or making sure that the socket is properly grounded. You should disable all sound enhancements at OS level, the first Realtek driver for this board has problems with the loudness EQ. As for a dedicated LAN card, the Intel NIC is almost as good as any other "killer" card (free advice: don't buy a Killer NIC). Heaps better then any Realtek solution.

    Anyway, what you're asking is actually a EATX+ board (8+ slots). And EATX+ boards have far fewer buyers.

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    The R4BE is designed with the option of using as many PCIe combinations as possible. It is however constrained not only by board size specifications as noted above but also by the architecture of the components used. This places a limit on overall design and is something that always has to be worked around. Also as BeeF has posted above using the proper water cooling for the video cards would allow access to the PCIe x1 slots. Those two slots will be available for use regardless how many x16 PCIe slots are used as the x1 PCIe slots are tied to the PCH and not the CPU. Assembling a system casts one into the role of a system integrator. Knowing what is needed for a proposed functional system build and deciding if the costs involved to achieve those goals are worthwhile is part being a system integrator.

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