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    I have the same problem when trying to mount 4 ASUS GTX780TI-DC2-3GD5 on an Asus P9X79-E WS motherboard. I found a possible solution by separating the cards with the stickers that come to decorate them, but at the moment I cannot tell if this will work (ie. if the separation will be enough to adequately cool the cards) since I am waiting for a 1500 W PSU and the CPU (Xeon E5-1650v2) to arrive to my work place (this is meant to be a workstation for scientific work). I would like to know if Asus gave you a more reasonable response than what I got from Asus Spain: they told me that the cards were probably mounted wrongly and that this board should be compatible with these graphics cards. I sent them the following pictures and I am waiting for an answer now.
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos 20140701_095806x.jpg  



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