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    Core Temp higher that Socket temp?

    Hello All,

    I've been building systems for a long time, however this is my first foray into water cooling...and my first foray into really pushing my FX8350 to it's limits.

    I'll try and make a story that has been months in the making, short...First, let me thank everyone on this board. Your posts, question, answers, & guides have been invaluable in helping me get my processor off 4.2Ghz on stock voltage all the way up to 4876Mhz @ 1.536v...and now we come to where I have questions/curiosities.

    As I mentioned, I have been building systems for a loong time. Cut my sys builder teeth on Slot A, and am admittedly somewhat of an AMD Fan-Man (a little too old for the "boy" moniker) And in all these years, and many many systems built, I have never seen Core temps rise above Socket temps. Maybe it's me and I just "missed" something that changed with the times.

    I am currently watercooing. Got a 360 rad with a push/pull in the top of my case, but decided to add a 240 to my loop right before the res to try and help the water cooling. I really didn't like the way the res would get warm. (Ambient in my apt is not ideal.) Anyway...

    In trying to get over 4.8Ghz stable I've had to move the LLC to Ultra High to remove VDroop from the equation and can run 4876Mhz @ 1.524/1.536v but my temps get really screwy. I can see a 5-10 degree difference from Socket to Core temp. Socket will be rock solid @ 61 degrees, but the cores will shoot upwards of 67.

    I thought I was using some bung TIM (Phoyba Extreme Grease something or other) so I re-applied when I just changed some parts in my loop. Same thing. Inverted high load temps. When I run with lower @ lower speeds with lower voltage the temps stay more level. I could start my machine and see idle Core temps sitting @ 18-25 degrees, Socket hanging around 35-40 depending on what I'm doing. I just bought some Gelid GC-2, and am seeing almost the same thing. I'm not hitting the 72-73 I was hitting under load with the Phoyba but I think I'm still running too hot. Did I apply too much thermal paste? Do I just have a chip that runs hot? Did I just miss something?

    Oh, I use HWiNFO64 to monitor. No other monitoring software installed other than CPUz & GPU-Z
    If you need more info, please feel free to ask.

    ...and thank you in advance for your insight and knowledge.

    Edit: I also forgot that I installed 2 temp sensors into my loop. Water going from the rad to the processor is around 30c and the water going from my 2nd rad, before it hits the res is about 33c.

    All temps in my post are Celsius.
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