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    Crosshair V Formula + UEFI + Windows 8.1 Help!


    I recently got 2 new SSDs and was finally getting ready to get modern with UEFI and RAID 0 SSDs. After much fighting and hand wringing, I'm at the point where I'm getting through the first part of the WIndows 8.1 installation. The computer goes to restart, and I get dumped back into the BIOS after the reboot. Selecting "Windows Boot Manager" from the boot options causes the screen to briefly change before dumping me right back into the BIOS.

    I've tried startup repair, but it says the all tests pass and that the OS booted successfully.

    This is day 2 on this, and I'm really stumped. I had a lot of problems getting to this point, but now I'm really stuck.

    Has anyone had this happen to them?


    Some additional information about my setup.

    Crosshair V Formula w/ THunderbolt motherboard (Thunderbolt is currently not in the system)
    2x Samsung 840 EVO SSDs (250GB)
    8350FX Proc
    XFX Radeon 7950 3GB Video Card

    I also have 2x 3TB Seagate Drives, but they're currently not plugged in (part of the process of narrowing down what's going on).

    The SSDs are configured in RAID 0, which was done via legacy ROM before switching to UEFI for the installation.

    Installation goes through without error, though I do sometimes have to manually create the partitions for windows using instructions found here:

    I'm stumped.
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