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    RlVBE - Manual XMP Set-Up (?)s

    Finally finished this build and am running pretty much at stock settings. I would like to get my ram up and running at speed but would like to set it up manually instead of just hitting XMP. I'm trying to keep voltage as lean as possible but without sacrificing stability. I have a 3930k and a 4x4Gb kit of GSkill Ripjaw Zs 2133Mhz(boots at 1600Mhz). I have manually set the ram timings to spec but I see that JDEC lists them differently than what's listed on the ram. Do I use what's labeled or what JDEC says for 2133Mhz? The only other thing I have changed is VCCSA, which I set to 1.1v. Is there anything else I should look to change before I set the ram speed to 2133Mhz? Please link me if there is a post that already covers what I'm asking. I have just finished pouring over pages after pages amd I haven't quite found what I needed. Thanks!

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