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    Question Gene-Z won't boot; diagnostic lights blank; go_button responds and causes blinking


    My desktop has been fine for years but just started having problems. Power supply responds to start signal and powers up hard drives, etc, but the motherboard doesn't boot and no diagnostic codes are displayed at all. I've tried pulling everything but the cpu without luck.

    Previously it would 'false boot': fan on to power button signal, then it would soft-restart with audible PSU clicks and boot successfully. Last time this issue happened I pulled everything without success. Eventually the soft-restarts began, the diagnostic codes would light up, and it would fail and restart several times over, each time getting slightly further in the boot cycle until the system finally started up.

    Is this a motherboard issue?

    Asus support has requested that I perform a bios flashback, which doesn't exist on the Gene-z as far as I can tell.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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