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Thread: RlVBE VCore (?)

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    RlVBE VCore (?)

    Am I correct in believing that when vcore is manually set, it stays at that setting even when downclocking when not under load?

    I am interested in finding the lowest stable vcore at stock setting. As of now, idle = .8v and loaded = 1.29v. Just looking to shave some heat and see how efficient this chip is before I start to actually overclock. Thanks!

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    You are correct. Use offset mode if you want to continue to allow the CPU to vary voltage according to demands. Use manual voltage and it will remain constant.

    Just a guess, but with a 1.29V you can probably jump to 4.2,4.3 without any other changes, possibly up to 4.5 with some minor tweaks. I'm running 4.2 on all cores (up to 4.4 on fewer) with a -0.20 offset at the moment, this idles down to around 0.85V and peaks at a bit under 1.2V when loaded. VTT at 1.016 and VCCSA at 0.825 with 64GB @ 2133.

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