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    I made an account just to say, I also have this same issue, with 4960X with 2400mhz ram and R4BE, divider is 36:3, Tho my other system next to me running a 3930k cpu on a R4E , and I cant seem to replicate the issue on that CPU, Seems to only be effecting my 4960X, and I can confirm

    "Alternate fix, for when the board doesn't power it's self off for a cpu re-init.
    1. Set cpu multi from 44 to 42.
    2. Manually Power off.
    3. Set ram div to 2133 and cpu multi back to 44.
    4. Manually Power off.
    5. Set ram div back to 2400.
    Done, bandwith is good again."

    fixes the issue, until I shut down the computer. pretty lame

    Will add some screenshots in a mo.
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