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    Yeah can we at least get some response on this?
    It's been proven to be a bug and shown how it can be replicated.
    MB: ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2 (Cooled by Corsair H100i w/ Noctua NF-F12 fans)
    RAM: 64GB G.SKILL RipjawsZ 1600 (10-10-10-30)
    GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX Titan X Hybrid
    TV Tuners: 2 * Hauppauge HVR-1800
    Case: CoolerMaster Cosmos 2

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    Still no official reply here?

    Raja replies everywhere but not spent a single word in 5 pages of this thread to clarify a single issue, verified or not, because we have no support info yet.

    Try to replicate is about 2minutes time. Or you're too busy with new x99 because bug seems to affect it too as the old one platform x79 ?

    Sorry for my english


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    This thread needs a bump.

    Here's the report I was wokring on in jan, haven't updated it at all though and I think there was another bug or 2 missing form this but I can't even remember right now.

    Edit: eeehhh the css for code is fugly, trying quote...

    I wanna mention I no longer use the enterprise raid driver, I got tired of the crappy boot delay's and my heads parking over and over during post.

    The mouse stutter issue on high cpu load may infact have something todo with ht and the schedulers, not sure yet.
    It's just something I thought about recently the other day on a diff os.

    Oh and in linux, the cpu multi doesn't go past 34x..., actually it doesn't idle in linux either.

    ;; Bugs:

    DRAM CKE Minumum Pulse Width
    4th chan's current value is cut off probably because of the length of the setting's string.

    DRAM RTL/IOL ...
    These are inconsistant from one boot to another.
    When you change the value you often get unexpected results.
    These might be better off as a manual setting instead of an offset.
    I put this short and sweet, but in really does need checking into.

    CPU Spread Spectrum
    There are 2 of these, 1 in the main page, the 2nd under Digi+ Power Control.
    Not sure why there's 2 of them...

    EPU Power Saving Mode/EPU Setting
    Value gets reset when encountering overclocking failed on post.

    ROG Pulse
    Disabling doesn't disable the LED like it was meant to.

    Advanced\USB Configuration\SB USB Configuration >
    Page's scrollbar doesn't scroll all the way down.

    Quick Note \ Last Modified
    Graphical glitches on down scrolling, bottom pixals of these 2 buttons affected.
    Probably the alignment, I think it may be cut off by a pixal of so.

    PCH 1.1VG Voltage
    Name I think is a typo...

    ASUS Overclocking Profile
    Can't use dash's (-) in the profile names.
    However you can use underscores (_).
    Kind of annoying.
    You can't use spaces either, but I think that's not important.

    Load/Save Profile from/to USB Drive.
    Can't save using dash's (-) in the profile names.
    Can't save using underscores (_) in the profile names.
    However you can load profiles named manually with dash's and underscores.
    This should be fixed so it can save such names on it's own, it makes things alot easier to read that way...
    For example, say you're at 125mhz bclk and it's 24/7 stable, you would have to write it out as 125247, instead of 125-247 or 125_247...

    BIOS randomly changes the boot device order.
    It often adds my raid to the hard drive order and puts it in front of my ssd.
    When normally I only have my ssd in there and the rest disabled.
    It also does this with usb drives.
    This bug really gets on my nerves.

    Boot order devices are somtimes duplicated and names sometimes corrupted on random.
    This affects usb drives and cd/dvd/bdr drives.
    Affects inside the bios menu and the F8 boot menu.
    Doesn't actually seem to be the same bug as the random boot order changing.

    Fail to post when loading a cmos profile that has a cpu mulitplier lower then currently set.
    Fix, set cpu multi to equ or lower the cmos profile that is planned to be loaded, reset 1st then load the profile.

    Fail to post when loading a cmos profile that has a lower mem speed then currently set, regardless of div set even if it's the same one.
    Fix, set the mem speed to ruffly the same speed as what the cmos profile is to load up.
    Pretty much the same as the cpu multi bug thing above, except that it has nothing todo with the actual div set but the resulting speed.

    CPU VCORE setting when left on auto and when the cpu overclocked the vcore goes way to high.
    I found this out once when setting auto for the heck of it on my 24/7 config, 4.4ghz stock voltage.
    It had set 1.47v, read back int he bios with c1e and speedstep enabled ^^.
    That's probably around 1.7v if I would of booted windows, that would of killed my cpu.
    Seen a post mention that cpu-vtt1 does the same, same guy here had set it on auto and it was reading back as 1.8v.
    I have no had that vtt prob myself though.
    There should be a limit to what auto sets.
    I modded my bios to change the raid rom ver, which worked, but after booting windows my cpu died within about 15 secs.
    (Yeah I killed a cpu already within a week or so of havign the board..., I wasn't even overclocking anything...)
    That was the 2nd time modding the bios.
    The 1st time I modded it to change the defaults (boot logo = disable, and opt fan speeds).
    When I did this I noticed I could not change the cpu multiplier anymore but I didn't pay any attention to the vcore set.
    What I'm trying to get at is, I think there's a big prob with auto voltages not having any limit...
    There is a danger of the user not noticing the prob before it's to late.

    Mouse Stutters when cpu is fully loaded.
    Partial fix, overclock the cpu, so it only happens when it's above 90% load give or take.
    Happens with just opening the realtek cpl when the cpu is at stock speed.
    Also happens at stock speed with the microsoft on screen keyboard.
    Those 2 examples are without ANY programs running in the bg.
    I've never had a system do this, it's unusual...
    See IRQ Mapping Req below...

    ;; Req's:

    DRAM CLK Period
    Current value is not displayed.
    It would be nice if it was.

    Initial PLL Termination Voltage
    Current value is not displayed.
    Even if there's no realtime sensor value, at least the cmos value could be displayed.

    Eventual PLL Termination Voltage
    Current value is not displayed.

    VTTDDR Voltage (CHA, CHB)/(CHC, CHD)
    Current value is not displayed.

    CPU PLL Termination
    Current value is not displayed.

    PCH 1.1VG Voltage
    Current value is not displayed.

    BCLK Skew, PCIE CLK Skew, CPU I/O Skew, CPU I/O Drive Strength, PCH DMI Strength, PCI DMI Skew
    Current value is not displayed.

    DRAM AB/CD LLC Setting
    It would be nice to have settings like this for ram, if at all possible.

    BIOS support for EXFAT Filesystems.
    This would be nice.
    I tend to use exfat instead of fat32, if I had exfat support I could more easly save bios screenshots and have more freedom with cmos profiles, maybe even bios flashing (though I use flashback and not the built in menu one).
    I can understand if it's a liceansing issue though.

    IRQ Mapping.
    I suspect the mouse stuttering bug at high cpu load is due to a bad irq mapping (could be wrong though).
    For the cost of the board it should have this setting.
    I'm going to be using this setup for encoding and capturing and I want to ensure that there is as little lag as possible.
    So I might wanna mess with the irq mapping on my own like I've done in the past.

    Updated Intel RAID ROM.
    I would like a newer one, one that is compatible with the driver v3.8.1.1006.
    With that raid driver ver, on restart it has a long delay before the raid rom is able to start.
    I can barely hear my drives but it seems as if they are parking there heads over and over.
    The driver works fine, actually more then fine, it really seems as if the controllers on this board are all in sata3 mode instead of 2 of them in mode 3 and the other 4 in mode 2 with this specific driver and rom combo.
    I would like to check it out with a new rom.
    I modded the bios myself and it worked, but some reason my cpu died after booting windows.
    So I'm afraid of modding the bios again for the time being.

    Some free CMOS space for user BIOS mods.
    Like say 16 bytes, give or take, that should be more then enough for any user added settings to a custom rom or the motherboard bios.
    It would make it easier, instead of having to reverse engineer the bios chip programming routine where the cmos profiles are stored.
    I'de rather just use the old school 256 bytw clock standered cmos for such mods.
    As long as there's space for it and it's not being used for scratch memory during post.
    What I mean is, as long as there's enough free bytes set aside that aren't touched by the stock bios in any way.
    This is kind of a big one to me, it would mean alot.
    I would like to put these dual bios chips to some use.

    The ability to force the 100mhz strap past 124mhz bclk.
    Say for example, somehow, you got to 124mhz bclk, and your goal was 125mhz with the 100mhz strap.
    You can't because the 125mhz strap will get in your way.
    Just in case, I may never reach that speed, but I want the bios to have that ability.
    I'm pretty serious about this..., I'm not joking or anything.

    The ability to use the xbox 360 controller in the bios.
    It would be nice that's all .

    QPI Link speed.
    Having this in the bios would be nice instead of havign to realy on the hardware switch, and that's only 2 values..
    It's not a huge deal but still.

    The BIOS is missing some timings that are listed in the MemTweakIt program.
    It would be nice to have these for completeness sake.

    ;; Other:

    Windows 7 x86 Intel RAID Driver, the one on the ASUS support page for the board.
    I don't think this driver works, I can tripple check though if wanted.
    The x64 driver works fine though.

    MemTweakIt fails to run when it has no write access to the drive.
    Not sure if it's the current partition where the program is located or the temp file partition.
    It's kind of a pain when you wanna check the timings in the middle of messing around (after crashing at some period).
    It should just run without needing write access to the drive.
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    topnotch PC Specs
    MotherboardRAMPAGE V EDITION 10
    Memory (part number)G Skill F4-3600C17-8GTZ X 4
    Graphics Card #1GV-N98TG1 GAMING-6GD
    Storage #1SSD DC P3700
    Storage #2WD2000FYYZ-01UL1B2 X 2
    CPU CoolerNH-D15
    CaseHAF X
    Power SupplyHCP-1000 Platinum
    Keyboard HP Wireless Elite Keyboard
    Mouse MX Master Wireless Mouse
    OS WIN8
    Network RouterFVS318N

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    What is the status?

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    The status is not fixed...
    I just flashed to the latest 0603 bios and the fix wasn't in that.
    I also came across 3 other bugs not fixed lol.
    Kinda sucks man...

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    I'm not sure I saw the bug in my reading, I never use Aida. My specs are 3930K, RIVE(4802 bios) ripjawX16 GB 2133@2400 with 14 13 14 31 2, I cant run them higher. i can tighten to 1T, I have not tried to changing from 100 for a higher mem over clock(the light in my head just went on). If my boot is good but I change settings in the bios it will not restart, it will post then boot. How ever if my settings are to aggressive then it will boot restart till I clear CMOS and set back my Over Clock.
    I can clock my CPU to around 5400MHz(phase change) i usually run it @5200MHz, my memory is 1.6v for 2133 1.605v for 2400.
    Hope it helps........

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    I can confirm I have a memory divider issue, all sorts of problems booting with all 16GB of 2133 memory @ 1T. Very flakey stuff going on in my bios, soon as i get to windows it shows fine but in the bios if I look at all four sticks it shows an error on 2 sticks. Very strange, I'm trying to recreate to pin point it but it seems elusive to me as to what it is or the issue causing it.................

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    We've talked about this a while ago on OCN and apparently it could be a x79 platform issue, not only Asus, no confirmation though.
    INTEL Core i7 4930K @ 4.5Ghz
    EVGA GTX 780Ti K|NGP|N SLI (x2)
    Gskill Trident X DDR3 PC3 20800 - 4 x 4 Go
    SSD Samsung 840 pro 256Go (OS & app)
    SSD Samsung 840 pro 512 (games)
    Custom Ek waterblock loop
    EVGA Supernova 1300G2
    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64

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    I haven't been messing with my pc much, did a little last week though.
    I was messing with tRFC and tREF, got it over 8hrs yc stable so I wanted to see it at 114mhz bclk, 2430'ish mhz ram or whatever, but at the higher bclk (heck of alot less dpc latency...).

    I was using the newer 0603 bios, could not get the bug to go away at 114..., I don't really know why, I got sick of it real quick and gave up benching it.

    I did work on the bug it's self a bit more to try to figure it out more though just before that.

    These are my findings from a little while back, I haven't re-installed windows and messed with default power profile since though, not yet anyways.
    These are just raw notes btw, the 1st chunk of text is the later ver.

    ;; new bios bug bypass method thing

    set mem multi to 2133
    power off
    set mem multi to 2400
    bandwith is good, as long as you don't power off again

    have not checked the default windows power management profile with this method
    can't seem to get rid of the bad bandwith at 100mhz strap 114mhz bclk with this new bios...

    when you boot with the bclk - dram multi no post bug it gives the post code bf

    I haven't checked the power management thing yet, would have to go back to the stock one and power cycle the board...
    However, if it is still affected after the bandwith bug is gone, that would mean that there is actually 2 bugs
    and that would lead me to suspect code that isn't from asus...
    I mean I half suspect ami or intel
    Most defenitely if there are other brands affected...

    ;;;;;;; bios bug update 06/18/14

    Set cpu to 42 and ram to 2133
    Reset, after post I powered off
    Powered back on, set cpu to 43 and ram to 2400

    No mem bandwith bug.
    Also noticed something else...

    Some bg...
    I have a new install of windows at the moment, tweaked but didn't set the power management settings up yet.
    In this state, performance in mafia 2 is horrible.
    I also noticed that aida64 behaves like linux and maxes out at the stock 34 cpu multi.
    That is until I fiddled with the power management settings.
    notta prob right... ?

    What's interesting is after the above method to get rid of the ram bandwith bug (until powered off again...)..
    Aida64 is using the multi I set, 43x instead of being stuck at 34x.
    Without setting any power management settings up in windows.
    Perf in mafia2 is fine as well.

    I have no way of checking linux right now, lost the boot loader when I installed windows.

    The notes "when you boot with the bclk - dram multi no post bug it gives the post code bf
    " have todo with the bug:
    "Fail to post when loading a cmos profile that has a lower mem speed then currently set, regardless of div set even if it's the same one."

    Oh and anyways I was just on 0603 bios, just flashed 0701, of course the bug is still there if you're wondering...
    I saw in the other thread about sending a msg to tech support but I haven't done it, I don't know how right now and don't feel like fooling with it.

    I would like to see actual confirmation that it effects other brands of boards though.

    That reminds me, tREF, I'm not sure that setting the bios works.
    I can max it out, 32678 or whatever, I'm using samsung chips so I know it doesn't mind high tREF's (maybe not as high as this but...).
    Anyways memtweakit reports the default regardless, 7936 (DRAM Refresh Interval).
    So I'm actually not sure if my y-cruncher run was for nothing or not lol... (I did verify trfc 96 with it though, that's at least one test out of the way for that...).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kimir View Post
    We've talked about this a while ago on OCN and apparently it could be a x79 platform issue, not only Asus, no confirmation though.
    And there so old no one is gonna fold and say that in fact there is one.........

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