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    How to install recovery WITHOUT 2 PARTITIONS?

    How to install recovery WITHOUT 2 PARTITIONS? or do i have to just deal with the BS partitions if so that really sucks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hozer View Post
    How to install recovery WITHOUT 2 PARTITIONS? or do i have to just deal with the BS partitions if so that really sucks!
    The recovery from F9 from the recovery partition on the disk, or from a Asus Backtracker recovery flash drive remakes the original shipping configuration, there isn't any customization possible.

    In fact, if you want to recover the boot drive, but preserve the 1TB 2nd bay drive - you need to remove it from the laptop before doing the recovery, otherwise the 1TB drive will get reformatted and partitioned like new.

    It's not tough to delete the partitions you don't want, and merge the free space into the remaining partition, it only takes a few minutes.

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    Hozer, had probably similar problem... just get win8 ISO and burn it or use asus backtracker to have disaster rescue media and erase them using diskpart...

    Launching Diskpart:
    Slam WinKey, type "DISKPART", Enter and confirm UAC dialogue... all set!

    Commands you'll need:

    list disk
    select disk X
    list partition
    select partition X
    delete partition override

    all commands are self-explanatiory i hope... the goal is to delete all unwanted recovery partitions, without deleting EFI or Windows partitions

    BE ADVISED! You need to also preserve EFI partition!!!! Failure to do so will result in unbootable state!!!

    After you erase all unwanted partitions and have only windows, GPT partition and unallocated space, type this:

    create partition msr size=128

    it will recreate MSR partition that windows requires on disk. this partition should be located right after GPT partition and any possible recovery partitions, right before any primary partition..
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