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    a much of fans)
    Sorry for my English)

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    In a lack of things to do, I got it in my head to clean up my tablesurface. A new monitor stand was purchased... I havn't forgoten about the next update regarding the rig tho, It's on its way.

    Lots of parts

    Semi done

    Mount on screen

    I've recently started experimenting with portrait gaming, and It's begining to grow on me!

    I dont know if you can tell alright, but there are LED strips on the back of the monitors, it gives a quite pleasant effect and is supposed to reduce eyestrain after hours of gaming.

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    Continuing with the computer build! Last update I put the waterblocks on the GPUs, and now It's time to mount them in the case. I found it easiest to put the case on its side and slide down the GPUs in place. Carefully watching so they went in the correct sockets.

    Ofcourse I forgot to put the SLI-bridge back on. Doh!

    As mentionend in a previous post about the radiators beeing turned around, this is visible in this picture. This puts the threads of the radiator behind the PSU and there is just enough space under it for some tubing. But it's turning out to be a complete ratsnest down there, I'm glad I have the midplate so I dont have to look at it

    Time to mount some fittings so I can get started with cutting the ctystal link

    Here's another angle

    Cutting this material was not the easiest and the picture show my first made piece.

    As you can see, Its quite uneven and will be put over the sandpapers again. I use wet sand paper in three difrent grits

    After a whiles sanding and measuring I now succesfully joined the VRM heatsink to the 480 radiator on top. As you can see from the raidator there is a small piece of crystal link leading down in a 90 degree crystal link fitting before my cut piece.

    Since that turned out okay I guess I just have to make all the other lengths aswell. To measure that they are truly straight, a cheap level tool was used. Just hope the bench is straight...

    More acrylic thats been cut and is supposed to go between the chipset block and reservoir and GPU to the reservoir. They just need some more sanding.

    And a little more sanding...

    Sucess! One loop has a complete return system.

    Hoping the other loops return system works aswell!

    And it appears to fit just fine, we now have a return system to the top of the reservoirs for both loops!

    From another angle

    And just one more! ( proud! )

    For the last picture I chose one, you wont see that often when the 5,25" bays are on again, so better make good use of the time...

    Next update I plan to put some fittings between it all, the VRM-CPU and CPU-chipset, but im running out of extenders, so we'll see how that goes! Also the 8 pin I sleeved in my second post here will be mounted, hoping they will fit in

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    I'm begining to reach the end of this build finnaly My To-do list is starting to look really empty. We left of by doing the crystal link at the CPU and to start off I had to use extenders to work around the mounting screws for the CPU block

    After a bit of strugeling and realizing I still need more extenders the result came out like this:

    Put the memory modules back in wich I had to pull out to reach

    Diffrent angle

    Here it is in full glory, I would like to have used a shorter crystal link between CPU and chipset but it turned out okay even with running out of extenders.

    When I mounted the GPU blocks I realized I had to get something to control the fans with since my plan to let the GPUs control them got scraped when the adapters I bought wouldnt fit.

    It had to be an Aquaero6 due to the PWM control, but since hearing mixed results about only beeing able to control 4-6 fans on a swiftech splitter I had to test it out first.

    Luckely due to Be quiets low demand on the PWM signal strength it worked with all 8 fans

    Since I try to keep it as clean as possible, my only option was to mount it backwards. I will control it with the Aquasuite software anyway so no need to be able to touch the front. If they would have made an LTE version I would have gotten that instead ofcourse.

    Time to install the PCIe cables wich I sleeved so long ago!

    I'm pretty happy with adding some color to the build, Hopefully the red liquid will match up later on for a nice contrast.

    Time to fill the loops, papertowels everywhere!

    Halffull, each loop wants about 1-1,3 litres of liquid

    At first glance they seem to be holding it dry, no leaks!

    Pressed a button on the aquaero to get it to light up, just so you can see that its actuallly in there.

    Everything seems to be holding up nicely and working.

    Whats left on the to-do list

    Adding color to the water
    Fixing the lighting
    Drilla hole in the midplate for a passthrough so I can put crystal link between the GPU and midplate.

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    Jeez , your fittings must have cost more than my Pc. Awesome build .
    4 GHz 4790K i7@ 4.6GHz (1.18v) , 16GB DDR3 1866 MHz Dominator GT , Asus Maximus VI Formula Motherboard , Cosair GT 240 GB ( Boot )
    Obsidian Series 650D Mid-Tower Case , Asus GTX 680, LG Blu -Ray combo , Cosair HX 1000 PSU , Custom water loop.( EK and Rasa )

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    naj1991 PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)a 5jears old netbook xDD
    MotherboardX99S Sli-Plus
    Memory (part number)Gskill 4x4GB
    Graphics Card #1R9 295X2
    Graphics Card #23x GTX 670 - 4GB
    Graphics Card #3much more^^
    Sound CardMOTU MK3 Hybrid
    MonitorASUS VG278HE
    Storage #1Samsung SM951 512GB
    Storage #2crucial mx100 512GB
    CPU CoolerEK waterblocks
    Casev8 reverse
    Power SupplyEnermax Platimax 1250W
    Keyboard Stealseries Merc2Stealth
    Mouse Stealseries Diablo
    Mouse Pad razer
    Headset/Speakers Yamaha HS80+HS50
    OS win8.1 - 64bit

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    real nice man... good work
    i7 5820k
    MSI X99 SLI-Plus
    4x4GB Gskill
    R9 295x2
    1x m2 Samsung SM951 512GB ~1.3GB/sek read
    1x 512GB Crucial mx100 storage plate / half speed programplate

    cooled by EK-Waterblocks

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    As many builders may know is that it never turns out the way you plan and even during the final stages of the build some minor changes took place. The good news is that It's done! completed!, finnished!

    The following changes took place: Soundcard is scrapped, one of the LED stips is scrapped, coloring the water is scrapped and the passthrough in the midplate is scrapped.

    First change also took place at the CPU block, a 90 degree crystal link adapter has replaced the 40mm extender that was precviously there.

    Closeup while refilling the loop.

    The plan for the soundcard was also that it would go in one of the PCI-e1x ports, that was before the GPU count rose to three and with that all the PCI-e 1x ports was obscured. I then put the soundcard in the last PCI-e 16x port and used extenders to create an angle to hide the tubing wich was later supposed to be replaced by the passthrough in the midplate. But here the bottom compartment radiators was in the way so the following solution was put in place to hide extenders and the tube.

    a 90 degree adapter with two extenders only makes it visible if you look at it from an angle under the desk wich ofcoures rarely happens.

    The Primoflex tubing wich replaced the yellowing Tygon and Masterkleer tubing is still transparent and acceptable. By far the best one according to my experience.

    I chose only to use the white LED strip and the aquaero 6 controller changes its intensity between 55% to 75% depending on the load and produces a nice, not to sharp glow.

    That was the last things on my todo-list and the finnished prject looks like this

    I've been wanting to keep the build as clean as possible while filling up the gigantic 900d chassi and I think i did a pretty good job!

    After overclocking the CPU to 4,5Ghz and the GPUs to 1200Mhz core and 3700 memory I thought you might want to see some nunmbers. (If you wonder why the firestrike wont validate online, I think you can guess to how that is)

    Powerconsumption during full load while benchmarking

    3DMark11 Performance

    3DMark11 Extreme


    Firestrike Extreme

    Unigine Heaven 4.0

    Thanks to everyone who follwed this log, I hope you found it as enjoyable to watch as I found it to build!
    I have a gallery at for some more pictures of the final build and you find the pictures here:

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    Amazing build, love the clean look of it all! Can i ask where you got the soundcard back plate from as i really want one after seeing your one now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeshaw91 View Post
    Amazing build, love the clean look of it all! Can i ask where you got the soundcard back plate from as i really want one after seeing your one now.
    The plexiparts: 5,25" bay cover, SSD holder, Motherboard tray cover and the soundcard backplate are from a store called Coldzero. And here is the adress:

    The store is closed atm due to huge backlog (only one guy working) but he is always active at the facebook page and the store is said to be opening soon again for orders.

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