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    Congrats TiTON for taking the top spot. Well done.
    Outstanding build. When you first posted it, I went WTH, then the judges deemed it qualified, that was all I needed to hear.
    It is very similar to my original concept for my case, btw. (Stay outta my head, dude! LOL)

    PCJunkie, man, go buy a lottery ticket. You are on a roll, buddy.
    It was just a matter of minutes or seconds, that cost me that spot.
    Your good fortune or my bad luck, either way, I glad you're going to the show. Enjoy it.
    If you need anything, hit me up with an e-mail. We'll see if we can level the playing field for the live comp.
    Congrats on the wins here and at Lanfest. WOOT!!

    To the rest of the competitors, I'm glad I decided to participate in this comp, and go head to head with you guys. There were some interesting strategies employed here, some sacrificing style for weight or sacrificing weight for style.

    Another great contest, Brian. I especially liked the multi facet format (Style, Weight, Performance).
    Really made it a challenge. I have some suggestions for future contests, while they may not eliminate the drama and complaints; they should reduce the amount of stress and crap you have to put up with. I'll send you a PM.

    Thanks to all the sponsors for this contest. There really is a great bunch of prizes up for grabs.

    I'm looking forward to the next contest and hope to compete against some of you again.
    i7-980X | EVGA 762 Classified | 6GB Dom GT 2000C7 | GTX580 SLI
    i7-2600K | Asus MIVE-Z68 | 4GB Dom GT 2000C8 | GTX580 Martix

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    Thanks goat! Well put! U know I'll be hitting u up! your helped me here in Sac
    "I would rather be gaming!"

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    just a FYI, we are out of posters, so we wont be including these in the swag bag sorry

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    I know this is an old thread... but this is what I love about this bar.

    Get drunk on the ROG of the day..spit, cuss roll around on the floor,
    come up grin'n and shak'n hands, brush each other off....cya again sometime..stay well.
    Top dogs always nip and growl at each other...but when they stand in a pack, shoulder to shoulder.... MSI who?

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