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    Random start up boot


    I've been having some problems with my Rampage IV Black edition board.
    Well... That's what i think is the issue.

    My pc seems to start at random times. Nothing is scheduled.

    Last night, i had it off for 12 hrs without it turning on.
    Today. I turned it off. Went out. Came back home, and noticed it was on.
    I checked the task manager and found out that it had been on for 4 hrs...

    Some say its the Wake On Lan setting in BIOS, but 2 things.

    1: Dosen't that require to actually have a LAN cable inserted for it to work?
    2: If it dosen't require a cable, then where do i find it? Potentially a screenshot?


    780 TI x2.
    16 Gb ram
    1200w psu (AX1200i)
    Mixed HDD's.


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    I also noticed this problem recently. I went to my power options and disable advance setting - sleep / allow wake timer (disabled)
    No more random wake up issue.

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