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    Is this a good setup

    Hi new to this so please for give.this is what i am thinking
    asus maxims v1 formula
    asus Rog Poseidon gtx780 x 2
    intel core7 4770k
    corsair vengence pro 2x8
    corsair h80i or water?
    wd 3.0tb hd
    nzxt phamtom
    kingston 240 gig ssd
    corsair cmpsu tx950 or higher rm1000?
    Will this work or what?
    Thank You very much for any help rwoolard

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    hello rwoolard and welcome to R.O.G..
    It is a bit hard for me to comment as I
    have not researched the new z97 chipset...
    but a cpu that will run stock at 3.5 and turbo boost
    to 4.9 factory is very cool, nice work intel
    psu, I would perhaps like to lean to something like seasonic...
    keep googling man and this will give your thread a small bump for other's to
    respond, good luck

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    Thanks graphic for the reply.
    I have never heard of seasonic ?
    i will check it out

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    for sli and oc. go for 1000w psu.
    headroom is a thing you need.
    cooling take a look at the h105 it have a dual fan slot radiator and will cool bether then the h80.
    just a hint. buy some termalpase while your at it.
    this summer new mobo gen is comming out if you are willing to wait a bit for it.

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    Have a good look around for the right SSDs, read whatever review you can get hold of. Now, I´ve been out of the loop a year or so, but when I finished up my rig, I went with Samsung SSDs due to the fact, that they provide their own drivers for it. Back then there were some issues with the Sandforce drivers used by other SSDs. Not everyone experienced problems, but that was my angle on the SSDs. And do concider two, one smaller one for OS, and a big and fast one for programs/games. You´ll want 20% or more empty space on an SSD.

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