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    GTX 770 crash lag on more

    I built my first computer 3 weeks ago. I used Maximus VI Hero, 2Gb GTX 770, with 8GB of 1333 RAM, and a 250Gb SSD, powered by windows 8.1.

    According to the event log, the issues I have right now is in place from very beginning.

    My Issue:
    When I play games, and I crash/die/do anything that requires graphics card to relax, I see a huge lag, making games unplayable.
    Games I use to check the issue: AC4, NFS most wanted

    When I leave the game (Alt CNTR DEL) and go back in a couple of times, the performance goes back to where it was.

    According to GPU tweak, the lag is caused by Frame Buffer not being utilized (usually with AC4 it should be at 40, but it drops to 8ish), when I use abouve tweak, the Frame Buffer goeas back to wheere it was.

    In the event log, the moments that I see lag, and frame buffer drop, coincide with nvlddmkm issue

    Additionally, but might be caused by something else, after I put my computer to sleep, and wake it up, for the second time (specifically the second time), on the same boot, it will blue screen saying that critical service died (even though I have it set up, it dose not create dump files for some reasons)

    What I already tried
    Change power settings of windows to max preformace for the PCI and SSD

    Uninstalled in safe mode all Nvidia stuff (I mean all I could possibly find, in reigstery and drive C), and reinstalled

    using both beta, and normal drivers

    Tired to do a registery hack to get rid of the crashing, it stopped the message, but preformance was still slow (already deleted)

    In act of desperation, I deleted nvlddmkm.sys and it also did nothing to help preformace

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