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    Just bought my G750 JM, going on a 6 hour flight, best settings for max game time

    Hey All,

    Pretty stoked to have this R.O.G. It was an unexpected purchase as my 3D workstation's processor died and I do game environment art for work. Anyhow, I have to take a 6 hour flight and would like to Game as long as possible. Any one have any recommendations to get the most out of my battery? Also my battery is not charging and plugged in at 96%. From what I've read this is normal and a way modern lithium batteries preserve life.

    Once I get to my destination I'm going to have time to really investigate the forums on how to get everything I can out of this
    bad boy until then any quick tips are appreciated. Thanks


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    low fps : 30
    and low settings ingame..
    but I dont expect the battery to handle more than 2hours and 30min.. gaming taxes the hardware a lot..
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    @sasuke is right - very poor performance. Gaming draws more current than the battery can source, so the settings have to drop. Otherwise, the battery would be permanently damaged, and potentially start a fire (due to overheating). That's why the power brick for the G750 is the size of a literal house brick.
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    Your best bet is low settings and use nvidia battery boost fps limiter at 20 or 30 fps.

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