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    Updated to latest 4802 Bios...Lost everything thanks to RAID setting Irst or RSTe

    EDIT - I meant 4804 BIOS from 4102

    WHat a day lol..

    I updated my BIOS finally to the latest.

    I like the new layout and so on.

    Hower the new Sata setting in the BIOS for RAID confused me and I ended up having to reinstall my OS.

    THere are 2 settings there one for RSTe and the other for Irst.

    I assume Irst is the one I wanted for better speed since I was using the RST drivers already in my OS instead of the RSTe ones.

    Well it forced me to reinstall my OS.

    Will I have to do this again if I ever update my BIOS again once new updates come out? Or now since I chose Irst and have my OS setup with it enabled in the BIOS all I need to do next time is change it back to Irst after the update and I should be good right?
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    if i use raid i do the following when updating bios:

    Shut down pc and disconnect the sata cables from my disks
    Cmos Reset
    Bios update with usb flashback
    go into uefi and do all your seetings you need. this includes the irst/rste setting.
    Safe and turn off pc
    reconnect the drives

    you should be fine

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    The best thing is BACKUP your system before you make a disastrer !

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