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    Lightbulb Excited for PG278Q (ROG Swift), BUT...

    So I'd been digging around for about six months for a good monitor that had everything that I wanted in a monitor -at least 1440p, 120+ hz, a good high quality panel, & not $2000- when finally the Swift was announced. I was ecstatic when I saw the pics & specs! It's even under $1000!
    I've always wanted a portrait-landscape-portrait (PLP) setup. It seems much more suited to my applications, & I would only be gaming on the center screen, so the lack of support for PLP Surround or Eyefinity isn't really an issue for me. What is an issue is that I can't find any monitors that would work for the sides. ASUS already has a few old 1440x900 monitors that might work, but their pixel pitch is 0.248, while the Swift is 0.233. That would leave the panels of the 900s (when sideways of course) 21.6mm taller than the Swift, not to mention that all of their specs are inferior & their bezels are huge. That and -even though I tried to convince myself otherwise- 900 pixels is not wide enough for most situations, including web browsing.

    The old PLP standard as I've come to see it is a set of old Dells from the early years of IPS panels; the center being 2560x1600 & the sides being 1600x1200, both with the same pixel pitch. But that's really not what I wanna get... IMO an ideal 1440p PLP setup would have the sides at least 1080 wide (my 1280x1024 turned sideways wasn't quite wide enough for most websites). There have been monitors in the past that were 1440x1024 & also 1440x1080, but they were rare or only in laptop screen format... That & I've yet to find another 0.233 pixel pitch monitor that isn't 1440p. :P

    So I guess what this comes down to is that I've scoured the web & found absolutely nothing. Nothing out there is what I need to have PLP with the Swift. I know I'm not the only one who likes PLP; there are entire internet communities dedicated to experimenting with & helping people find good matching sets -just search Google. Maybe I'm just the only one who hasn't given up on the idea of modern PLP glory...

    I'm wishing & hoping that someone somewhere will see this & be able to make something of it. What I want, & I can't be the only one, is a 1080x1440 or even 1280x1440 (so that it's two halves of the center on either side) monitor with a pixel pitch of 0.233 & a small bezel to go with it. Also it would be beneficial for these monitors to be natively portrait in nature so as to avoid TN's above/below viewing angle issues.

    Why no ROG Swift PLP? Need matching portrait monitors: ≥1080x1440 (pref. 1280x1440); 0.233 pixel pitch; thin bezel; pref. same or very similar panel & backlight for consistency across monitors; if not native portrait then with height adjust stand with rotate. 144hz & g-sync would be awesomely awesome, but not necessarily required (though the lack thereof would turn away some PLPers).

    So yeah. Please? Pretty please? If anyone of ASUS sees this then I implore you, please consider making this happen. I know that the entire gaming market wouldn't jump at it, but you would sell a ton of these monitors in the years to come to enthusiasts, & with specs like the Swift, they wouldn't go out of date too soon either. We need to bring PLP out of the mid 2000s. I know I would buy two the moment they went on sale.

    Anyway- Thanks to all who've read all this. This is kinda my last hope for finding a solution to this problem.
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    I would guess the reason why you don't find anything is because the scaler ASIC's no longer support this function. PBP and PIP has superceeded it as a 'feature' and the Nvidia G-Sync chip does not support it. The Swift is already pushing the G-Sync chip at its very limit - it's taken us and Nvidia this long ion R&D to get it to market - so I would not expect further functions in this generation. You'll have to push Nvidia to add the feature in gen-2 when it makes an ASIC.

    Frankly though, you're the very first person I've seen to ever highlight PLP in many years. Nvidia exclusively references its surround gaming as 3-monitor landscape. Never portrait like AMD's 5-way Eyefinity, which are ALL portrait not mixed. We would not recommend PG278Q in portrait mode anyway as the TN panel is designed to be viewed in landscape.

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    Hmm... I think perhaps we're talking about two different aspects of monitors. I wasn't bemoaning any lack of features of the Swift, but rather openly wishing that there could be another monitor model that would be a perfect PLP match alongside the Swift. Something for a setup like this or this with the Swift in the center.

    The viewing angle constraints of TN panels is also why I was talking about the strange resolution - being taller than wide when not sideways. That said, TN is usually alright sideways so long as the bottom of the panel is on further from you.

    The biggest problem I have is that I cannot find anything else to match the Swift's 0.233 pixel pitch. There's a few 1440x900s that could work -they're close in pixel pitch- but 900 is really just too thin for most uses... :\

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