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    SupremeFX Impact II question

    So today Asus unveiled the new Z97 Impact VII which looks like a minor Impact VI refresh. However, the audio daughterboard has undergone a redesign, more specifically the HD AUDIO connector is now (thankfully!) angled, so that it won't interfere with large coolers/waterblocks.

    My question to Asus is, can an Impact VI user purchase the new audio daughterboard separately and use it successfully on his motherboard?

    My case's front panel audio connectors are left unused due to the current location of the HD AUDIO connector on the daugherboard, something which I'd like to solve in the future.

    Thanks in advance for any info

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    I've just posted another message for same question on the maximus VII thread, but I really need to know the answer so if anyone already tried this, please help.
    I have the Supreme FX II for the maximus VII but only have the maximus VI, I've only found the supreme FXII on ebay and I need to know if I might ask for replacement because it's the soundcard that is down or if it's just not compatible

    Thanks in advance


    P.S. sorry if bad English, I'm French
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