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Thread: 6-Disk RAID-10?

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    6-Disk RAID-10?

    I'm trying to find out if 6-disk RAID-10 is supported by my ASUS Maximus VI Gene motherboard with Intel's Rapid Storage Technology (RST). I've found topics on a few forums discussing Intel's features with users saying it is supported, that it isn't supported, or that they don't know. Unfortunately, I haven't found an answer in any recent topics; most topics I've been able to find are 4-5 years old. Since the motherboard features and RST has been updated since those topics were posted (and since they weren't specifically for my motherboard), I'm hoping that somebody can help me understand why I'm unable to create a 6-disk RAID-10 array when I have 6 Intel-powered RAID ports on my motherboard. I have successfully created a 4-disk RAID-10 array and a 6-disk RAID-5 array, but whenever I try to create a 6-disk RAID-10 array the "Create" button is not clickable (in both the BIOS menu and the Windows RST application).

    Does anyone have any ideas that might clear this up? Thanks for the help.

    Brendan "NinjaNife" West

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