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    About the SupremeFX Impact II

    So I'm a little disappointed that there's another version coming out while the previous card for the Maximus VI Impact is still buggy as s***, but I have to ask, is the new one any good? Does it have 7.1, Dolby Headphone, and an amp that doesn't suck?

    Oh and considering that the 25 pin connector is exactly the same, would this new card work on an old Maximus VI Impact?

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    I've been trying this, and the motherboard just doesn't start, only the little "boot device" led flashes once, and nothing more... (no fan turning, no beep, nothing...) but the card is "stopped" as it's not possible to "turn on" again, the led does not flashes anymore if I psuh power again, I have to push the "hard reset" button on the back of the card for that. I've been trying every other devices (HDD, SDD, processor, Graphic card, CD reader, etc...) and everything else works fine, i don't have the first supreme FX that fits on my maximus VI impact, and I don't have another motherboard to try the soundcard, so I need to know if it's that one soundcard that is defectuous or if it's just not compatible.

    Many thanks for answers


    PS : sorry if bad english, I'm French

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