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    My Asus G53sw and hellow again :3

    Hey guys its me, its been a REALLY long time since I've been here at the forums *I was here back throughout 2012*. I think I'll spend some more time here again helping out peoples.

    I have an Asus G53sw and I LOVE IT, it has NEVER EVER had ANY problems whatsoever in these 2-3 years I've been using it :3 !!!

    I hope this isn't a stupid question to make a new thread for but I wanted to ask, since my laptop is out of warranty, how expensive would it be to take it to a service center to get ONLY a repaste for my CPU and GPU / Dust clean up.

    I would do it myself *I do cleanups for my macbook pro myself* BUT dissembling an ASUS G53 isn't an easy task and I don't want to be an idiot and damage anything :c !!

    Again, thanks for any help whatsoever, nothing is wrong with my laptop D, I just have this query :3 !
    Asus G53sw-A1
    Intel i7 2630qm
    Memory 8 GB
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 460m 1.5 GB
    Windows 7 Premium
    1 TB HDD @ 7200 rpm
    4x Blu-Ray
    Razer Mamba, Razer Abysus, Rog Gaming Mouse.


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    I have a G73sw and dust regularly builds up. What I do is when the laptop is on and the fans are running I blow some air with a "giottos" air pump . A very useful contraption for all sorts of things. You can see huge amounts of dust gushing out. You may get asthma just by watching it It really cleans the fins of the heatsinks and dissasembly is not needed.

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