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    Tim | Reimos

    Rampage III Extreme Problem

    I have Just started a new build and its my first ever build, i have a problem tho... when i try to power up my mobo i have a solid RED light on the CPU Q LED?? I am getting power to all the fans and the GPU but when i was ready to power up there was no display on the monitor, i have tried numberous ideas to sort the problem but i thought i may get a little bit of input from the forum... I currently spec is;

    Intel i7 960
    Rampage iii Extreme
    12 GB corsair Dominator
    GTX 580 SC +
    120 GB SSD
    3 x 1 TB Western Digital
    1000HX Corsair PSU

    Any ideas or thought's would be a great help


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    check again if you connected ALL cables if cpu light on red you didnt connected 8 pin EATX12V . If its really your 1rst build read user manual for YOUR own sake :]

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    Do you connect the ATX power connector?If not then your system never Boot up and Red Light glows.

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    Tim | Reimos
    I have checked all the connections on the PSU and everything seems to be fine, i have been intouch with Asus but they said they would get back to me in 48 hours so waiting out to heard from them but the only problem is i dont have any other hardware to test on the mobo... also when i plug in the 24 pin power cable the mobo automatically starts up without me pressing start? i have plugged in the power switch, reset switch etc.. but as i turn on the PSU the mobo boots giving me a solid red light on the Q LED CPU...

    Any Ideas??

    Thanks for the replies

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    First,are you sure that the cpu is ok in the socket?I mean it has an arrow on it,is it in the right direction?

    Reset the bios or try the bios 2.

    Check your cables again.

    Change ram slots using one dimm.

    Otherwise the cpu is dead.
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