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    need some pic of a monsoon90° 5/8 od fitting with a primochill ghost fitting.

    I was hoping that someone on the fourm might have these fittings and can take some pics with them together.
    On the 14 of this month I bought 10 monsoon 90° 1/2 od fittings for my build. I have the 1st set of ghost fittings that primochill came out with.
    They are the 3/8 id x 1/2 od. When putting the fittings together I started thinking about having a flush look.
    I know that using the 2 different fittings won't have a complete look and if wanting to do that I would have to get the monsoon fittings,
    But I would like to see a ghost fitting on the monsoon 90° 5/8 of fitting. If you by chance have these fittings and can put it together and send me some pics.
    I be so grateful. It don't matter what color.
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