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    Must Do's for making 4790K work with Maximus VI Motherboards

    The ASUS instructions are vague at best so here are clear instructions.

    1. While you have a NON Devil's Canyon Processor installed, Upgrade the Management Engine Software to Version V9.5.15.1730 located under the CHIPSET Drivers (do it twice to make sure all the bits are upgraded).

    2. Go to Programs and Features in your control panel and make sure you verify that ME 1730 is installed.

    3. Reboot

    4. Download the MAXIMUS VI FORMULA BIOS 1505 and BIOS updater located under the BIOS drivers and unzip the package to a directory on your hard drive.

    5. Go to that directory and drill down to the directory called V2.00.02

    6. Double-click on the UPDATE executable and follow the instructions completely (choose and install 1505 BIOS).

    7. Reboot

    8. The computer will post that you have to press "F1" to enter the BIOS.

    9. Press "F5" for Optimized Defaults then "F10" to save settings and Reboot.

    10. In Windows Verify that you have 1505 BIOS installed then shutdown your computer.

    11. Install your Devil's Canyon Chip

    12. Boot and Enter the BIOS and Press "F5" for Optimized Defaults then "F10" to save settings and Reboot.

    13. Boot your computer... Success !

    14. Now you can proceed to overclock to your heart's content.


    Edit: See post #60 in this thread (linked below) for updating without a CPU using USB BIOS Flashback
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