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    over current protection suddenly triggered

    It's still early in sweden when i write this so any brain farts on my end are due to that.

    New build started acting funny last night, all of a sudden without warning it rebooted with the over current protection triggered to save you from a faulty PSU message. I was switching alot between browsing and gaming (warcraft at the time), then it happend again with the same message while just playing so even tho my overclocks been working fine, I dialed them back to a safe level.
    Third time it happend I opened up the case, started checking temperatures, but both loops keep all the components during load at 50c max. I also started a logg with aida64 to monitor the 12v, 5v and 3,3v line.

    The forth time the computer didn't even reboot it just froze and I had to use the reset button to reboot it. After checking the logs nothing out of the ordinary stood out of the voltages, got no unexpected error either.
    About that time it was time for bed so I turned it off normaly.

    The power draw from the wall ( started checking ) when playing was ~950w and the highest readout by the meter (ever) was 1055w wich still is safe with my 1200w PSU

    My only thought atm is due to the heatwave we have here, (24c at 6am already) its the heat that causes my PSU to fluctuate since this problems started on the hottest day here.

    Any other thoughts?

    The computer specs are
    rampage IV black edition
    4930k at 4.3Ghz with only a multiplier change atm
    32 gb dominator platinums 2400mhz, XMP profile used
    Tri-sli titan blacks running a mild OC @ 1200core 3700mem.
    1200w be quiet PSU
    2 SSD's and 3 WD reds
    pumps, fans, LEDs etc

    everythings been working great for 2-3 months, just happend yesterday so far.
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