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    Quote Originally Posted by ammck55 View Post
    Thanks, Nate. I googled a bit more after posting here and found that the 4690K processor I have coming in will be supported by the BIOS on the z97-A board with no flash necessary. If so, I'm good to go with no flash. I called Asus support about this, and while they were cheerful and courteous, they didn't really answer any of my questions.

    A big thanks to MeanMachine; yours is the absolute best description of flashing using the EZ Flash 2 utility. I have it bookmarked for future reference and have confidence in your work.

    Thanks, guys....Mitch
    I also used the 4690K with this board, but when it arrived the board revision was 1.03, and according to the Asus website this CPU does not support this BIOS version (<1008). Sure wish I had an old CPU laying around...

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