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    g53SX HDMI sound icon has red 'x'.

    HDMI sound icon.
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has the same problem and knows the solution to this, since I´ve tried a lot of possible solutions and havnt got rid of the problem.

    The issue is, when I connect the HDMI cable from my Asus g53SX to my samsung tv I get the picture, but no sound. I get an "X" below on the sound icon in the tray. I tried using the "predetermined" output of my TV method but havnt had any luck. Also I just downloaded the latest sound drivers and had no luck either. I have no clue what to do now or how to fix this. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it!! Thanks in advance..

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    If you get the chance, please include a screenshot, but does Windows show any message when you put your mouse over the sound icon?
    I've seen a muted speaker icon, but don't remember seeing an 'X' unless this is what you mean.

    Try right clicking the speaker icon to select 'Playback Devices' if you haven't already.

    Assume you are running Win7 and the notebook speakers work okay, but if you haven't checked device manager, make sure you aren't seeing any errors for the sound or vga and tell us the driver versions you are running for the vga and audio if possible.

    If there is an easy way to try other HDMI cables, TVs, or a different system with your TV, you may want to compare this way too.

    Good luck!
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