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    hmscott PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)Asus G750JH-DB71 (legacy)
    MotherboardAsus G750JH Intel HM87
    ProcessorIntel i7-4700HQ XTU Cores 36x/35x/34x/34x Cache 36x -50mV undervolt
    Memory (part number)Hyundai Electronics HMT41GS6AFR8A-PB 1.35v DDR3L-1600MHz
    Graphics Card #1Nvidia 780m Asus GPU Tweak OC 932mhz/6300mhz
    Sound CardRealtek v6.0.1.7469 driver
    MonitorAUO B173HW02 V1 Custom Refresh 85hz
    Storage #1RAID0 2x M.2 SATA Crucial MX200 512GB CT500MX200SSD6
    Storage #2Crucial 512GB 2.5" MX200 CT500MX200SSD1
    Power Supply230w AC Power Adapter 19.5v
    Keyboard Logitech k400 Wireless KB/Trackpad
    Headset Sony MDR-XB500 Wired and Sennheiser RS-220 Wireless TOSLINK
    OS Windows 8.1 + 8 Linux VM's + Windows 10 Technical Preview
    Network RouterAsus RT-AC68U DLINK DIR-655

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdon82 View Post
    perhap you can do it on Windows 7, but not on Windows 8.1 - perhaps specific applications need pagefile - as you said. With SSD drive, little virtual mem do not makes any lags...

    why it jumps to 8GB - typically I have many applications running. few png files opened in Fireworks, opened dreamweaver, phpstorm, and about 10-20 web pages, and some applications in modern mode, like mail, skype. :P however everything do not use more than 4-6GB [including Windows components] I don't know where is rest 2GB :P and while swap file increases to 8GB if I have still 2GB free.. I think it is bad managing of memory by Windows

    recommended pagefile is 4GB for 8GB - this is information from configuration panel.. so it's very strange information made by Microsoft

    I just noticed, that one tab with opened page in web browsers takes about 50-500mb of mem - its a lot and strange ??????????????????????
    xdon82, if you are using 6gb+ out of 8GB, you should get more memory, and use a pagefile until then - I would switch to a fixed size pagefile after defragging your disk and put the pagefile on the HD not the SSD. You might as well make it an 8GB fixed size.

    Like I mentioned earlier you can disable the warnings by removing a few resources from the registry, but you are playing close enough to the limit that I wouldn't remove the warnings.

    The extra space is from the OS / disk cache - there are lots of hidden memory demands.

    I have trouble living under 8GB too, so don't feel bad, the memory demands keep increasing over time.

    Let us know when you replace/add memory and when you can disable the pagefile successfully.
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