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    Advice/Criticism/Opinions on semi-completed build?

    So I can finally comfortably show my pc off and label it as a "gaming pc", although still not 100% finished I just want to get some opionions and what not at the mid-way point. I don't think one could ever be done building Anyways this is sort of a build log although not the best it shows what I've started with to where I am now, i guess it is more like a transformation log.
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    This is the earliest picture I have, although nothing special here I always admired clean pc's when it comes to cords and cable management this one isn't the cleanest but yet it was the first time I took a build seriously. Practice makes perfect right??
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    Here I finally decided on a gpu, I went with the MARS 760, I had a Matrix 580 before so I decided I would try out the Mars line-up (this was also before the Matrix 780ti was announced. When the matrix was announced I sold my mars immediately to minimize loss on it. Even though it was an amazing card, I knew I would be upgrading to 1400p and felt it may not be enough and never was a fan of SLI. (Although I kept the cool magnet as you'll see in later pics )
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    So I got bored with waiting for the matrix and decided to do a slight change.. which ended up turning into more than that as you can see I got a new case (750D) , motherboard (MViF) , watercooler (H105), and as noted earlier the little magnet remains even after the mars is long gone Old parts went to little brother as he discovered minecraft a few months ago and desperately needed a computer as he was using mom's work laptop LOL he thought it was so cool to have his own, I'm sure he will grow up into the ROG community
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    I just had to have this, I missed the first batch and was so mad at myself. Not that I actually use it or anything lol I haven't found too much of a use for it other than it looks sweet! I still need to get the longer cord from Asus though I hate having a cord ran across the front of my pc
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    Still waiting on that matrix card... I actually grew really impatient on it. Almost to the point where I would just buy the DCUII card but knew I would greatly regret it. I thought maybe just a 760ti for now then resell (keep in mind I have this overly expensive pc that I can only play minecraft on it really ate at me) but then figured it would just be a waste of money. So after looking at build pics on here I realized fans can make a great addition and decided that would hold me over for a while. Even added the lightbar upgrade on my ram.
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    Finally!!! The piece I have been waiting for! Literally just got it 2 days ago. I was so impatient I actually ordered it from UK to US with 3-4 day shipping.
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    Here it is in the case with a full view. As you might have seen also decided to pickup an EVO 500gb to go with my Pro 256gb.
    Now for some pics of where I am currently at...
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    Current Computer Specs:
    Maximus Vi Formula
    Matrix 780Ti
    Dominator Platinum 2133 4x4 w/Lightbar upgrade
    Samsung Pro 256gb & Evo 500gb
    1 Corsair Af140, 2 Corsair SP120's, 2 Af140's LED
    ROG Front Base
    Obsidian 750D
    Monitors-Lg 29EA93-P, BenQ XL2420Z
    Periphials-Razer Deathstalker, Deathadder, Megasoma 2, Klipsch ProMedia 2.1, Astro A40
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    looks really good nice job..
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    NZXT X62 | Acer XB270HU | EVGA 1080 ti FTW3

    Secondary: R4BE | 4930K | G.SKILL 2400 16GB | Corsair AX 1500i
    Intel 730 240GB + 480GB | EVGA GTX780 ti sli kpe | Custom H20

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    Looking good.
    4 GHz 4790K i7@ 4.6GHz (1.18v) , 16GB DDR3 1866 MHz Dominator GT , Asus Maximus VI Formula Motherboard , Cosair GT 240 GB ( Boot )
    Obsidian Series 650D Mid-Tower Case , Asus GTX 680, LG Blu -Ray combo , Cosair HX 1000 PSU , Custom water loop.( EK and Rasa )

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    very nice mate

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    Thanks guys!

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    That is going to be one powerful system mate.
    To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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