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    G73sw and F501U can’t install Nokia Lumia 930 + 630 drivers, seems to be ASUS error.

    Family just gotten a Nokia Lumia 930 and 630, both won't install Windows 7 (64BIT) drivers. "No drivers accessible online" I've tried both phones on a Lenovo ThinkPad and laptop find drivers easy. The Windows 7 app runs okay and I'm able to sync between phone and laptop, however not able to "eject phone" as Windows driver haven't recognize it yet.

    The LAPTOPs in question are ASUS F501Uand G73sw, fully updated etc. Windows 7 64bit ultimate and Home Premium.

    - I've tried soft reboot phone while USB attached
    - I've tried uninstalled phone related in Windows, restarted laptop ... then attached a shutdown phone (not password protected)
    - Download Windows USB phone driver
    - Followed all info on
    - Uninstalled my Zune - used Lumia 800 until now (damn good phone)

    Really would hate to return my phones due to they not working on my laptops, phone somewhat cheaper than those laptops.

    Any and all ideas much appreciated

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