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    Newbie To New System builds / Old ASUS PK5lAM - SE User

    Well im new to online gaming.

    I have a old RIG that i got back in 2008.
    A ASUS PK5PL-AM SE , Vista 64bit 4GB onboard , Intel E5300 @ 2.6Ghz Dual Core Overclocked to 3.3 Ghz and only thing updated since original RIG is a newer but still standard cooling FAN Case and a NVIDIA Geforce GT 640 1GB GDDR5 Graphics card.

    I have a Fiber Optic broadband connection standard 80/20 MB/sec. A HD TV used as a monitor secondary and a hannstar HW191 monitor as standard first display.

    I was looking at the newer rigs and so much to choose from and rather confusing on what is better than the other.

    Site of ones i had a quick look at are

    Now i need some advise here on what would be a GOOD / AVERAGE gaming machine that is not going to cost me the world.

    Now i know this is a matter of opinion but any advise is welcome.

    Looked at various types of makes but i am not up to date on technology now. Used PC's since 1980 and was in constant use since then and worked from 1986 to 2007 as a software programmer/analyst and self taught hardware engineer. So i know how fast technology changes and how much it has changed since my first PC ZX81 , + 16K expansion pack (showing my age now).

    So first thing i see various makes Intel , AMD , Zues (Zues is new to me) and each one has progressed so much. I dont know if my ASUS GT 640 1GB Gddr5 can be kept and linked as a secondary card or not. As i have a older card than can go back in the old Rig which is mainly used for business work as it is.

    so X97 , Z97 ect mean nothing to me and which processor is best intel or amd. Do i need 8GB or 16GB onboard and which operating system is best to use and stable as windows keeps bringing out new ones and stability is been a issue with all so far as i have seen. Now i know that my current operating system is tied to my motherboard and obsolete now.

    So please feel free on which process line i should take , motherboards i should consider and what would be the best option for future capabilities. DDR2 which is my current memory type is obsolete and DDr3 will be obsolete use as well. Also CPU/APU any advise on that area.

    Then the big question i need something that i can overclock and therefore cooling is essential.


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    how mutch do you trust your self when it comes to building a pc by your self?
    like buy components and smack them in to a case and boot up?

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