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    #Round II; New CHV-Z MB, Mem, Proc. He's Back! For now.

    K.I.S.S this meant a lot to me the first time I heard it in the Military, now not so much.
    When I started this build I knew it would be straightforward and an easy build. Boy was I ever wrong.
    Don't get me wrong I have always loved a good challenge, even as a hobbyist P.C builder and gamer.
    I have had my head in a P.C in one forum or an other since 1982 built them for a living briefly and also
    trouble shooting customer P.C's with little to go on and could fix most problems. I miss Win 95 lol.

    O.K nuff babbling, I have Bigger P.C's to fry! I hope not?
    New Crosshair V Formula -Z, Mem, and FX 9590, oh and new PSU EVGA SuperNOVA 1300G2.
    Some good news and some bad for me. I'm a bad news first person.

    Bad News: Still having issues with asmedia usb drivers lagging or freezing my mouse and P.C. Could be sound driver I get a sound loop when it freezes while watching video. If I go in to BIOS and click on Voltage Monitoring the BIOS Lock UP and I have to rest or Hard Boot. BIOS is 2101 it did not lock up on 2002.CAP, so after this I am going to flashback to it to see. USB was freezing more under the 2002.cap file though.

    Good News: System games like no ones business, which is odd to me since my mouse does not lag or freeze in game and nor does the game freeze or crash, no sound issues ether.
    Also the PC boots without getting hung in iROG gaming update loop as it did on last MB, No SDD boot issues as before same SSD, and HDD etc. I have the latest of all drivers I think ASMEDIA needs a serious tweak with there drivers. The mouse lag and freezing is intermittent now along with the system freeze witch was unbearable before. So this MB was from another vender and suffers some of the same issues as the last one but not as bad I think I will keep it for now.

    One more thing I have another ASUS AMD rig I built in may on the M5A99FX PRO R2.0, with a FX-8320 and have not a lick of issues with it. Go figure less money less problems If I have to I guess I can just slap all this onto another one of these great boards but that would be defeating the purpose of having a Bleeding Edge AMD system wouldn't it? hmmmm?
    I like frustration as much as the next techie does but not in such big doses any help greatly appreciated, you can follow the link to my first thread on this matter.

    Update: Well I rolled back to 2002.cap and the BIOS still locks up random or when I go into the voltage monitor.
    And turning off ASMEDIA stopped the lagging and freezing it seems this time, which is odd as it did not help on last MB. But now I don't have all the usb ports available, I think I already stated it kind of defeats the purpose of this build for me since this is for gaming and serious Flight Sims. Well I just keep trying till some go's pop! lol I hope not.
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    congrats man !
    love to see a AMD brother and happy lol!
    about the asmedia things i just don't use any of those things, just disable them in bios, i do with amd boards or intel boards :-) they are a asus company so we have to take with it
    enjoy your new AMD system !!

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    Thanks Bra! I Luv ASUS! And I still can't part with this board

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