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    Question G75VW overheating & performance issue


    I bought my first ROG gaming laptop 1 year and 9 months ago and I have been loving it ever since!

    I have recently just realized that my G75VW's performance has decreased and temperature gradually increased over the time I have had it. When I compare to other G75 owners, I find my temps abnormal.

    Idle: 64-71 degrees Celsius
    BF4 on Low-Normal: 93-98 degrees Celsius
    Skyrim on Medium: 95-105 degrees Celsius

    After closing down a game and idling, the temps are VERY slow to fall. 5 minutes after game shutdown, the temp are at a stable 75 degrees Celsius.

    Pretty much insane temps in all relatively new games. Is this normal, or expected after 2 years? Or is it time to send it back to ASUS and see what they can do?

    Also it would be awesome if anyone could tell me what the cause might be. Thermal paste is my guess. I have cleaned fan filters, so nothing there.


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    Have you cleaned you dust screens and blown out your heat sinks. Use a pencil or something similar to prevent your fans from over spinning. Canned air is available at Walmart or any computer store Office supply store. I do this monthly as I live in a very dusty location. If you haven't done this for 2 years you may have a dust mat covering everything this could require dissemble to remove . Let us know if this helps!
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    Yes I agree, just cleaning the fans and screens is not enough.
    You need to clean the vents, heat sinks area (behide vents), along with the fans, and the filter screens.
    you may also use a small soft paint brush to help loosen dust from vents in back. (where the heat sinks fins are located)
    Just remember to power off your NB, remove battery before starting your cleaning procedure.
    Also hit and hold the power button for about 15 seconds after battery removal to discharge your NB. (helps removes any static electricity that may be present)

    You should notice a drop in temps after cleaning is finished. (if that's your issue)
    If you are still having temp, and proformance Issues then you are looking at a re-paste job as you mentioned.

    PS:My NB in two years old, and my temps are still in specs, due to regular cleaning.
    I still have factory paste job, guess I'm one of the lucky ones with a good paste job!
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