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    G74SX not turning ON on just ac adapter and battery not charging

    I have the Asus G74SX (great laptop for last 2 years) and while gaming one day, it shut itself off randomly.

    On more investigation I found -

    - the laptop doesn't turn ON on just the a/c adapter without the battery installed. I thought all laptops do that.

    - with battery inserted, the laptop turns on if the battery has enough charge
    the windows 7 (64bit) shows "plugged in, charging" with the taskbar icon showing the battery charging icons for a short bit
    after about 30 secs or so, it goes back to a solid battery icon (without the charge level animation)
    All this while the battery is actually not getting charged. It is actually discharging

    If i unplug the ac adapter and plug it back in, it shows that animation for a few more seconds again before going back to solid, non-animation icon. It is still saying "plugged in, charging"

    I even tried with a new battery and same result. Awaiting a new power adapter next.
    HWinfo actually shows battery in good health and charge amounts and the fact it is charging while it actually isn't.

    I tried removing the Battery driver (ACPI compliant MS driver for battery and then rescan for HW changes to reinstall this) to no avail. The battery just keeps draining. I even tried the holding the power button for 60sec and that didn't work either.
    The power indicator light does light up solid white when I plug in adapter or when running on battery
    The ac adapter light is always a solid green
    The battery indicator light is solid orange (but I did see it go orange blinking indicating charge < 10%)

    I left the laptop off overnight with the battery plugged in and ac adapter connected but it doesn't look like it charged the battery at all.
    This is a brand new battery as well.

    Is this indicative of some problem with the motherboard power circuitry? The ac adapter is a snug fit on the laptop - doesn't wiggle, not loose. Or a problem with the ac adapter? (hoping this is it)

    If the motherboard is bad then servicing might be only option unless others have figured out what is actually wrong here.
    With lot of games on it I think maybe heat might've been one reason.
    Servicing might be expensive as well so maybe getting new 3D vision based laptop - any recommendations on this? I like gaming with nvidia 3d vision.

    Any assistance?


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