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    Quote Originally Posted by jdfrench3 View Post
    Agreed, the G74SX should be retired.

    Good Luck
    Thank you.

    You're right, and today I guaranteed that will be its date.
    I disassembled it, to look on the Mobo to see if I could tell why it wasn't charging, and yes - found a burnt chip (but don't have a schematic to identify it).

    Doesn't matter, though. When reassembling, I broke the connector off the Mobo that connects the cable from the power button. Full on broke it off. So it'll never power up again. Oh well. I'll remove the ram and drives, and send it to recycling.

    Just hoping the power supply for the new desktop build arrives soon!
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    HELP ME.... AIUTO.... SI NONO UNITI I FILI d'alimentatore mentre stava funzionando con un alimentatore di prova con i fili scoperti.. cambia in continuo sullo schermo da ac a dc la batteria non carica... funzione benissimo senza
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