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    Problem in bios of VI Gene

    Decided to start tweaking things in my bios because my friend with a 2500k caught up with the single core performance of my stock 4770k on air with a CM hyper 212 evo. Here's my issue:

    I noticed that my CPU wouldn't allow over 80C, so i changed some thermal settings to see what they do first hand.

    Thermal Feedback to disabled
    CPU int. VR Fault Managment to disabled
    CPU int. VR Efficiency Managment to disabled

    As well as changing my ratio to 43 and upping the volts a little bit simply to get it stable to see what the performance gains would be while stable, and it was stable as far as I'm concerned.

    Now while in OS, my CPU gets stuck at running at 4.299.99MHz constantly, which I do not want. I want it to idle back down to 700MHz or whatever it does.

    I kind of frown upon changing so many things at once because it's hard to diagnose, but here's the kicker: Changing everything back doesn't fix the issue. Unless I'm forgetting something here, I'm stumped. I don't want to reset my bios because applying a disk image of my raid 0 config is a pain in the ass, and my bios is already so custom set that I barely remember half of what i changed. It'd take forever for me to go through stuff.

    I'm gunna be turning settings like "intel speed step" and "turbo boost" off and on again to see if there was some issue there first.

    Any help on how to solve these problems would be appreciated.

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    Hello boucle,

    Enable speedstep and the C1e state in the bios. Once in windows set your windows power plan to balanced. Open cpu-z (if you have it installed) to see that your cpu is throttling down.

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    No dice. Still the same issue. I'm doing backups now. I should update my bios anyway. Maybe that'll fix it. I've been putting it off for a while. It'll let me know if it's a bios or windows problem then.max safe haswell temp

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