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    g53sw-a1 bought 3rd year na warranty extension on a1 model

    had two issues right out of the gate when it arrived from xoticpc. a gpu failure causing total graphical corruption and an issue with registering the extension. purchase was september 10/11 2011. slow shipping meant that by time of receipt on the unit i was outside simply returning or exchanging with xotic over the flaw(x>30days) without a fee, and i had went with asus warranty+extension over the in house warranty xotic offered on the theory that it would be better to cut out the middleman. this is an NA warranty and i'm in ohio usa.

    to the graphical issue after almost a year finally got xotic and a service guy at asus talking in a three way conversation on it at the same time, and got it rma'd for a fix.

    at the same time a trevor costanza (the asus service fellow for this) indicated that the base warranty for my units serial was registered for a time 5 months prior to my purchase order(!), that the warranty extensions were done electronically by the authorized reseller and no number or card were provided anymore, and that given the order invoice forwarded directly from xotic it would be corrected while it was in for rma. took a while in for the rma but trevor was very helpful and communicative. took a full mobo replacement apparently to stop the irregular but frequent failing of the gpu, and according to his messages back at me the rma wouldn't impact my now corrected warranty start and duration to 3 years na through asus.

    fast forward a bit to may this year. which should be the final year of the warranty period (11/2011-11/2014 = 3).
    i prep for a trip, pull my external keyboard and am prepping for a trip and find my "D" key isn't responding consistently. over the course of the next couple days this progresses to not responding at all.

    so i start trying to get ahold of someone in support, to see what details i'm gonna need, and thinking to myself that it'd be really great if i can find a way to simply cross ship the keyboard module and not risk shipping related failure on the machine as a whole, but if i must send the whole thing in maybe i could get them to once over the rest, maybe replace the thermal pads etc since its gonna take a month out of my hands and its getting toward the end of service coverage.

    instead i proceed from grand responses like " please check drivers are installed"(for raw keyboard standard keys, really?? doesn't work in multiple os environments and this is the form response???) up through now being told the warranty ended.

    my last message to support was a copy of the entire back and forth with trevor during the previous rma on the unit up to and including where he confirms the period being corrected to 3 years, and asking if this lily yang person could please direct me to someone who could explain or rectify the disparity between what service told me and what service is telling me now. that was a month ago.

    so here i am. i have a log of the communications prior in that gmail account so its all nice and route+timestamped in a third partys storage. i have eyeballed simply saying screw it, this is the last time i trust em, and trying to simply buy a replacement keyboard module, but apparently they run near 100$ for this unit. quick popup of the keyboard retention to check and the two ribbon cables don't appear damaged and do appear seated securely.

    so here i am. dunno if mason or cl-albert, or anyone else might be able to help figure this out, but i figured i'd give it a try because it was a suggested last step over on the notebookreview forums.

    so what is the deal here?

    can anyone help me out here because time is ticking away, and that extension was a 200$ security blanket against this sort of thing and it is starting to feel like i'm getting jerked around until it'd actually be out of warranty.

    i know you have some excellent people in the service department, i know you have some who aren't so excellent, people are people and all that. could you help me find one of the good ones and get this fixed pretty please?

    if you need the prior rma case number or anything else please ask, heck if you have a direct email i'll forward that entire 2011 conversation with [***email edited by cl-Albert***] to boot.
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    steelblueskies, sorry to hear about the problems and unfortunately, I'm not seeing any extended warranty in our system for your unit either, so that seems to be the main issue right now.

    Quote Originally Posted by steelblueskies View Post
    that the warranty extensions were done electronically by the authorized reseller and no number or card were provided anymore, and that given the order invoice forwarded directly from xotic it would be corrected while it was in for rma.
    Need to look into this process for extended warranty extension myself, but if this information in the quote above is correct and you have some proof that you paid for the extended warranty, you may also want to contact or follow-up with the authorized reseller to see if they have some records of this or a way to check this for you. Just an idea and maybe you purchased the extended warranty through the store instead of ASUS if you want to look into this too?

    Not sure if I will be the best person to help with this and how you reached Trevor (hope it's okay that I edited his email address), but if you have a way to reach Trevor's department again, you may want to check if anybody there can look into it more as well.

    Otherwise, you may need to post 1 more time before you can send me a PM, but feel free to send me more details at cl-Albert once you have done this and I can look into it more. Thanks!
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    ah np on the email for trev, i get the impression he either left or transferred in any event.

    as to the warranty well thats the kicker here. and if this post enables me to pm you, i'll just copypasta the bit from the prior convo with trevor. doing that if it'll allow me to, presently.

    edit:still redirects to insufficient privileges page on attempt to pm, probably a delay in gaining access due to update script on a timer, or new messages requiring moderation approval first i'm guessing. will check again in a bit, and see if it will let me use the pm function then.

    as to the extension process, i understand that NOW they purportedly append a code to invoices, and that prior to my purchase date they used physical cards with codes. i found myself in some weird transitional point where according to the authorized reseller, which seemed to be fine when trev confirmed its existence during ASUS CASEID=RWTM20120728945502350-435 in the messages leading into rma USA1280191.

    the adw registration was simple and easy, but when i inquired as to how to reg the extension it was summarily that i didn't need to(which i repeatedly inquired on to confirm given the 360 program page had, and has again now, that link for clicking to register extensions. i largely let it go when i had word from trev in the tsd@asus dep't say it was there in writing.

    invoice purchase order list read like this.
    1x ASUS G53SW-A1
    - Microsoft Office Software: No Office Software
    - System Recovery Backup Disks: No thanks, do not create backup recovery DVD's
    - Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Pre-Installed + Drivers & Utilities Disk
    - XOTIC PC Redline Boost™ Extreme Performance: No Thanks, Please do not Overclock my system
    - Notebook Cooler: No Notebook Cooler
    - Mouse / Keyboard Accessories: Asus G Series Gaming Mouse
    - Xotic Gear: No Xotic PC Gear
    - Warranty: 3 Year ASUS North America Warranty 24/7 Support / 1 Year Accidental Coverage (Accidental Requires Registration) (SKU - A9R107)
    - Software Bundle (Not Installed): No Software Bundle
    - Fingerprint Reader: No Fingerprint Reader
    - Port Replicator / Dock / Adapters: No Dock/Hub/Adapter
    - Spare AC Adapter: None Standard*
    - Car Adapter: No Car Adapter
    - Battery: Smart Li-ion Battery (8-Cell)
    - Case: Asus G Series Matching Backpack made by Targus
    - Sound Card: Sound Blaster Compatible 3D Audio - Included
    - TV Tuner: No TV Tuner
    - Camera: Built in 2.0 Megapixel Camera
    - Wireless Network Accessories: No Network Accessory
    - Wireless Network: Built-in 802.11 Wireless B/G/N - Stock Wireless Card + Bluetooth (SKU - X8R002)
    - Bluetooth: None Standard (Included in Wireless Card Section)
    - Back Up Software: No Back Up Software
    - Memory Card Reader: Internal 5-in-1 Card Reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO/ xD-P)
    - Floppy Drive: No Floppy Drive
    - External USB Optical Drive: NO External USB Optical Drive
    - External Hard Drive (Back Up): No Back Up Hard Drive
    - Optical Drive Bay Hard Drive Caddy: No Extra Optical Bay Hard Drive Caddy
    - Optical Drive Bay: 4X Blu-Ray Reader + 8X DVDRW/CDRW Super Multi Combo Drive (SKU - X7R502)
    - Second Hard Drive: No Second Hard Drive (SKU - X6R954)
    - Primary Hard Drive: 500GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache Buffer (Serial-ATA II 3GB/s) (SKU - X5R204)
    - XOTICFX Backlit W-A-S-D Key Color Options: Standard Matching Color WASD Keys
    - XOTICFX Backlit Keyboard: Standard White Backlit Keyboard
    - XOTICFX ASUS Logo Backlight (Back of LCD): Standard White ASUS Logo Backlight
    - ASUS G Series Afterburner™ FX: No Afterburner Light Package (Afterburner light package will add 2-5 business days to production time)
    - Exterior Finish: Standard Finish
    - Ram: 12GB - DDR3 1333MHz Dual Channel Memory (2x4GB 2x2GB) - Special FREE Upgrade! (SKU - X4P551)
    - External Display Video Adapters: No Video Adapter
    - Graphics Video Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 460M 1,536MB PCI-Express GDDR5 DX11 (SKU - X3R451)
    - Thermal Compound: Stock OEM Thermal Compound ( IC Diamond Thermal Compound - CPU + GPU Provided FREE with Processor Upgrade!)
    - Processor: 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM, 2.0-2.8GHz, (32nm, 6MB L3 cache) (Does not support DDR3 1600MHz Ram) (SKU - X2R213)
    - Dead Pixel Warranty: ASUS Zero Bright Dot (ZBD) 30 Day Pixel Guarantee - (Included on ASUS Standard NON-Upgraded Displays)
    - Monitor Calibration: NO Professional Monitor Color Calibration
    - Display: 15.6” FHD 16:9 LED Backlit Wide screen (1920x1080) Super Clear Glare Type Screen (SKU - X1R309)
    - Current Promotion: FREE!! UPS GROUND SHIPPING (Use Coupon Code FREESHIP in Checkout - US Only, Not Available to Alaska and Hawaii)
    and like i said, i had the reseller forward the purchase invoice to trev way back when that happened because then the system was showing a warranty start date prior to purchase order being placed, and he needed it to correct the system.

    presently i'm also talking with them on the issue so everyone can be ready and on the same page if it's gotta be a three way interaction again.

    anywho just waiting on the ability to send pms now.

    second edit: trying to find a way to fit the email conversation with trevor in pms. limit of 5k characters per pm, total conversation was 20,340~ characters apparently. going to send the highlights and if you want the full forward i guess you can let me know?
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    Just replied to your PM with some ideas and yes, as you say the warranty 'is the kicker here'.

    Don't know if you want to go this route, but if you trust the reseller, wondering if you can get them to handle the warranty for you instead of going directly through ASUS.
    If you paid them for the extended warranty, thinking you might have an easier time or get some help at least from the reseller to get it taken care of, otherwise, you may want to discuss with more people at ASUS.

    Good luck!
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