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    issues with my ROG SWIFT...

    ok off the bat let me say I think its a good monitor but let down by glitches which is letting itself down big time for me..

    ok first of all the Turbo button... only works when it wants to? I press it 20 times sometimes it doesn't change.. sometimes I press it 3 times it works.. whats going on?

    ok second... everytime I load into windows desktop the screen artifacts very fast and goes back to normal.. it also happens when I apply any GPU overclock.. it does the same thing..very annoying

    thirdly ive had the monitor display ''monitor out of signal''.. when going full screen with the monitor? also it takes forever it get out of full screen because the monitor laggs to get into and out of full screen mode....

    now ive just had the monitor just go full out black with no signal & had to restart... & the monitor led at the bottom right corner always goes red when going full screen mode? i thought it was ment to stay white? does that mean g sync is working? whats going on?

    I went from my PB278Q which had 0 faults and was a soldier .... this I hvn't had for 3 days yet its playing up like a litte baby..

    my system is i7 4790k 16gb ram gtx 780 sli watercooled
    downloaded latest Nvidia drivers

    would like to get some help on these issues

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