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    Quote Originally Posted by RubyX View Post
    I have pretty much the same issues - the Turbo button just plain doesn't work, ever. I also get "out of signal" sometimes when switching to fullscreen.

    And now the monitor seems to have forgotten how to G-SYNC (the drivers don't detect the Swift as G-SYNC capable anymore) or ULMB (it's greyed out in the menu, no matter what refresh rate I set). G-SYNC and ULMB both did work the first time I turned on the monitor, though. No idea why they would suddenly stop working.
    I also had this. In addition to the out of range bug, my display "lost" g-sync alltogether. A system restart wouldn't fix it but unplugging the display's pwoer chord and rebooting did fix it. Now only the out of range bug still occurs.

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    Out of range bug is being addressed in an upcoming Nvidia driver update, please bear with us.

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    Hey fellow new Swift owners!

    Thought I was going crazy with these problems on my own and no threads for help.

    So basically same issue as the above individuals:

    -Monitor worked fine for the first day with the exception that I could only switch between 60hz and 120hz with the turbo button. Could not enable 144hz no matter what I tried, it wasn't even an option in the Nvidia control panel under change resolution>refresh rate-max 120hz.

    -Today tried to load up skyrim and for whatever reason once I loaded my save and was in the game not the menu, the monitor went black and the "out of range" message came up. Alt-tabbing out and back in would bring the image back but when I moved the mouse the message would reappear and the screen would go black. OK Skyrim lots of mods maybe something wrong there,

    -So booted up Counter Strike Source and again the same message would reappear except that alt tabbing out and then back into the game would solve the issue, however my screen still is limited to 120hz.

    -Thought ok maybe G-Sync is the issue here (games do get very laggy when loading levels or joining servers, especially in CSS). Went to desktop>right click> Nvidia control panel and voila my G-Sync tab has completely disappeared. (Bit of a joke at this point specially cause I'm in Australia and we don't get no BS rest of world discount, moving on...).

    -Found a thread that mentioned something about checking the Display Port cable, so fiddled with it and nothing changed. Unplugged it and re-plugged it and the little G-Sync windows notification appeared along with the G-Sync tab in the Nvidia panel. Disabled gync and was able to switch to 144hz. Issue one solved, so now enabled gsync and launched into various games (CSS, Bioshock:Infinite, Skyrim) and can switch between 60, 122 and 144 hz modes. So not sure whats going on here.

    Guess I'll keep unplugging the cable, until an nvidia update.

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    More issues with my SWIFT

    Had my SWIFT for a few days now. Absolutely loved it at first but now I too am getting the out of range error along with G-Sync disappearing from control panel. I have just uplugged the monitor power and replugged and now the G-Sync option is back but I am still getting out of sync error.

    What is the issue here? nVidia drivers or something wrong with the hardware?

    Considering I paid $1000 for this monitor (Australia prices), I'm not too happy about this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by voltboyee View Post
    What is the issue here?
    Refer to post earlier in this thread... it is a known driver issue.

    Hopefully nVidia will resolve it promptly.

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    some tips

    Guys try nvidia driver 340.76 beta developer I got my swift yesterday didn't encounter any hiccups except for the sudden flicker when I start any game just try the driver see if it helps iam running 2 gtx titan black in sli with no problems

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    2yrs later

    Quote Originally Posted by MarshallR View Post
    Turbo button: It's designed for fast in-game changes, so the scene must be active. It's a technical quirk of how the display works. A static desktop won't change it so you have to move the mouse or press the Win key to get it to activate.

    Artifacts: Should only be momentary and future Nvidia drivers will get better to reduce/eliminate this. From what I understand the GSync chip is 'changing modes' which takes a second.

    Full screen lag.. not sure. Check your DP plugs are in properly. DP goes in much deeper than HDMI. What situation: games/video/programs? Specific one or all of them? What OS are you using?

    The monitor LED changes color – what do the different modes mean?
    White – normal ‘fast’ gaming (up to 144Hz)
    Green –Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D hardware plugged into the PC and 3D Vision enabled
    Red – G-Sync enabled
    Yellow – Ultra Low Motion Blur
    Orange – Standby

    From FAQ:

    Try running your GTX at stock speeds for a while to see if it's the OC that is the issue with variable refresh rate. Also try disabling SLI just to isolate whether it's an SLI driver issue or something to do with the display. I'm not seeing this at all on a single GTX 780 Ti.
    [QUOTE2 yrs later that info came in handy, I almost retuned my PG278Q but after reading the info on changing the refresh rate while in game solved all issues[/QOUTE]

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