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    pg278q black screen once windows starts

    I have a rog matrix gtix 770 ti and pg278q

    Everything was working great....was enjoying sync goodness....

    Then I was using the gpu tweak utility that comes with the card, and went to save my settings in profile 1.....accidentally loaded whatever was in profile 1 instead.... screen went black.

    Now when I boot, I see the bios screen, but when windows starts to load, screen goes black...

    I can boot fine connected to a different monitor - so I think it is an issue with the pg278q....

    I can access the OSD while the system bios menu is displayed...I reset the settings to default.

    But no matter what I do, once windows starts on the pg278q I get a black screen and it says "Out of Range" and I can no longer access the OSD

    I am trying to reinstall drivers with a clean installation now....

    Any other ideas

    Thanks in advance for any help - I really appreciate it...
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    Good news - the clean install of the latest drivers seems to have fixed it....


    Not really sure why or what happened...

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    I had a similar experience with mine... Suspect it is either a driver type issue or the way the Display port detects a monitor the very first time (or a combination of both).

    In my case I had trouble even displaying the bios screen on the very first attempt on hooking the monitor up. In my case I utilise UEFI mode exclusively [no CSM support] and I suspect that this caused the very first connection attempt to fail [no video when viewing bios/boot screens].

    Once I sorted that out - I had issues booting into Windows like you did the first time as well. I reset the PC and it then detected the monitor connection the second time around without issue and it has been fine until I upgraded the nVidia driver the other day to the latest version and upon the very next boot into Windows [8.1] it caused the same problem - no video. I reset the PC once again [used reset button only ie not a full power cycle] and the monitor was then detected OK in Windows - and has been OK since.

    So, pretty sure its some weird driver type issue rather than a hardware problem as such. In my case I managed to get it sorted without resorting to re-installing the drivers but I suspect that if I did it would have more than likely resulted in the same outcome.

    Pertinent hardware in my case is a Hero VII [latest bios] equipped with an EVGA 780Ti Classified.
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