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    Quote Originally Posted by Kronvict View Post
    These pics were posted yesterday morning on the OCN forums and i quickly got into my car without even a second thought once i saw Las Vegas frys had stock. I was thinking the same thing seeing as i was monitoring the newegg product page ever since it went up but i prefered to get it asap and locally for easy returns in case of problems

    Edit: Don't know how close you are to San Diego, but someone on another forum posted that Frys San Diego has 3 in stock.

    Actually there is a Frys in my beach neighborhood which is above the San Diego area XD

    I called them to see if they had it but they said no. However I'm a persistent Lil mofo and I went over there to see if it was there. Turns out it just wasn't in their main system and they had just JUST one left and I bought it!!!

    I'm so Flippin happy!
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