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    Anyone with a newer production from a 2015 build date that can testify wheter this issue is still present. I'm mostly interested in regular non 3D gaming though.

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    any news?

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    I´m not a top of the top user, but i know some basic things to solve a
    problem, but this one is transcending Me, Nvidia, Asus (not a good support),
    and many cable stores, a no one have a solution, so far after 2 weeks of
    reading and posting in most of the forums that i cross, i see myself in this
    one, with more experience people, so i´m going to try to explain what is
    going on, and maybe i have some luck, because i´m completly stuck.

    Let´s start from the beginning

    I have an Asus PG278Q and an Asus G750JX, hooked up with a mini displayport
    to displayport cable; i was using it with an Asus VG248QE, and at the
    beginning the notebook didn´t detect more than 85Hz, so i take the laptop to
    a store, i get it hooked up with a thunderbolt adapter from Apple to HDMI,
    and somehow it enable the displayport, and when i get home, and plug in the
    same cable, the display was recognized has a 144Hz one.

    Now i bought the PG278Q, and what happens is, every single time i hook up the
    cable, i get 85Hz, i try to create a costume display resolution with 144Hz,
    says yes it´s ok, but doesn't show up in Nvidia Control Panel, and the Max
    that i can get is 100Hz. so....:

    First - I RMA the display, they brought my another one, i test it, same thing
    85Hz top, with the driver of the Cd that came with the display, so i
    installed the last version of Nvidia drivers, and i always have to try to
    create the 100Hz customization, i get a "No Range" message, and even if it
    doesn't appear, i have to do this, so the NVCP, after close it and open it
    again, show me at least the 100Hz option.

    Second - I tried almost all Nvidia drives from 340 and above, same thing, he
    only shows me 85Hz Max, then i try the same steps to create the 144Hz, same
    process has i described above, and when i close and reopen the NVCP, 100Hz
    are shown.

    Third - I made a complete factory reset to my laptop, after this, and without
    any update installed, i plug in the display, 85Hz shown up, and then i try to
    create the 144Hz, sends me a messege, saying that the display doesn't support
    that refresh rate.

    Four - I install the 340 Nvidia drivers that came with the cd of the display,
    and install the only drivers that the display have, and nothing, same story
    from the beginning, 100Hz max, and doesn't let me create the 144Hz.

    Five - I go to a store (Mediamarkt in this case) and saw one working, they
    have it plug in to a ROG tower with a GTX980, and they only tell me that they
    plug it in and that´s it, no drivers of the display where installed, and the
    144Hz appears, with no problems.

    Six - I took my laptop there, hooked it up to that display that was working,
    and with my cable, same thing

    Seven - i try to force the resolution with some program that i can´t
    remember the name, but no luck

    Eight - I RMA again, got a new display, and same thing

    So, i´m running out of options here, really this is the most strange thing
    that happen to i contact Accell, because i saw that they where DP
    certified, explain my situation, and they told me:
    " Accell B143B-007B can support 2560x1440 @ 144Hz. However we cannot be sure
    that using this Accell cable will resolve your issue.
    Note that Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort are two different protocols, even
    though they share the same physical connector. A Thunderbolt connection may
    not be able to support 2560x1440 @ 144Hz."

    I contact cablemasters
    "If the cable you are using is only 6 feet I am guessing it is something to
    do with either the graphics card or the monitor. Most 6 foot DP cables can do
    4k at 60hz which is more bandwidth than those refresh rates you are trying to
    get at 1080p. Our cable can support that but unfortunately we do not have a
    way to ship to Portugal"

    This last one (Cable Masters have a Mini Displayport/Thunderbolt compatible
    cable to Displayport, in there description, i left me thinking if it isn´t
    the cable...

    in the end, my question is, what is going on here, can someone please help me
    getting 144Hz?
    Is there any program that can test my mini displayport/Thunderbolt port?

    i really hope i can get one single answer please.

    Thank you my friends

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