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Thread: G60vx gpu death

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    G60vx gpu death

    Hi guys.

    Basically i think my GPU bit the dust yesterday, I plugged in a 5 in one tv doodad for my grandad and then it started to behave weird after reboot/removal of the usb device. The fan stopped coming on and the GPU overheated and crashed with coloured lines. then white vertical ones. This is what it did after i repasted and stuff.

    Then earlier today i tried to turn it on and see if it was working again, But it just gets a blank screen lighting up and nothing happens. The fan does not spin. However it will spin at max rpm if i take out the blue wire. So the fan does work.

    I am going to purchase another card for the laptop. Though someone suggested that it could be the motherboard too. :<
    I don't think it is since everything else works and stuff.

    It currently runs a P8800 at 2.6. and has for a good while now.

    Here's a picture of the gpu.
    It currently has an A12 revision motherboard. and a 2.1 revision GPU.

    Any advice?

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