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    ASUS trade-up program?

    Hey guys, I recently purchased an ASUS STRIKER Platinum 760. The thing is a beast for a 760, at 1080p, it runs nearly everything under the sun at 60fps. Unfortunately, I game on 5760x1080, and that's where the card starts to struggle. (Yeah, I know, it was a stupid idea of me to expect a single 760 to run triple 1080, I was originally going with a 770, but the STRIKER just looked so pretty...) I was thinking to maybe just return it and maybe get an R9 280x or a 770, but neither would justify getting rid of such a nice looking card, considering that I would have to pay a little more.

    I purchased the card less than a month ago, and hearing of the recent news of the gtx 880 coming out next month for only 400-450 US dollars, I was ecstatic, considering that that's a pretty cheap price to pay for an x80 level of performance. I wouldn't mind having a slightly uglier card for the increased performance of an 880.

    So, I googled around to see if ASUS had an "step-up program" like EVGA's, or BFG back when they actually existed, where you can trade back your card in exchange for some funds for a better card. I didn't find any similar program offered by ASUS, but hopefully I just missed it, because ASUS makes great cards, I would expect them to have great customer service as well.

    If ASUS doesn't have a similar program to that of EVGA's, does anybody know of a good way to convert my STRIKER 760 into some cash for an 880 two months away? I purchased the card from Newegg, and while I thought that their VGA return policy covered 90 days, which would have been enough to last me until the 880 comes out, it turns out that the policy only covers 30 days. I currently have about 5 days left before the order reaches its 30 day mark.

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    Customer service of asus sucks aswell ,does the RMA department. They are the tightiest on the planet.. i have been building ROG systems for a while now and every Asus product that was DOA or within the warranty time was hell to get a replacement.. its like they spend more on how it looks than preforms.. with MSI/Logitech/Corsair/ or others when a problem occurs send it we replace it.. with asus .. you talk to serveral costumer service people and still no help or sollution..

    That beeing said the problem is the stuff they make is awesome you just need to buy. and when it works it really works ok/good... but with the slightest problem ur F**kt

    Im glad My striker is still worlking like a beast ,else it would have been no asus ,no more..

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    You should sell your card and invest in GTX980.
    Under GTX980 you will not be satisfied. Problem is because and GTX980 is on edge with video memory.
    When I bought GTX780 Classified that was October 2013... And NVIDA present GTX780Ti in November, I had right on step-up by they offered only reference models of GTX780Ti and she was only 10% stronger than highly overclocked
    GTX780 models... And I didn't want that and I sold GTX780 and bought after 3 months custom overclocked 780Ti because if I want some performance improvement than from overclocked model I need to cross on newer series absolutely same or even higher overclocked. Than I had arround 30% improvements.
    Step up is good only if you have reference card, or example from 980 to 980Ti...than you pay something...
    Or similar thing if you want from Z87 motherboard to Z97 motherboard...No custom models on step-up.
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    You guys do realize the OP was back in Aug 4th, 2014, right?

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