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    Really? price asus rog swift 278Q in USA is 649$

    I just read in a facebook post that the screen price in USA is 649$(485€)(386)£?
    if its true it will be unfair for Europe which we had paid 800€ (1070$) and 800£(1346$) . I know we had this one before than USA but when USA had a lot of items before than us they didnt have a lower price ( the best price is a little less in 1$=1€=1£ ratio and it is a robbery) .
    i love this screen but if its true the facebook post of Asus North America, i will return the screen and wait to a lower price or buy in USA , WTF i can buy two for that price and sell one in my country but im pretty sure i wont buy another ASUS screen, the matter isnt the quality ( its great ) , its the policy .
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    Quote Originally Posted by painfate View Post
    or buy in USA .
    cross country warranty = lost
    and no RMA option since you have bought it in another country.

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    That price is wrong - someone made as MSRP mistake.

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